Running Gate

Running Gate is Ferivi’s new store concept, entirely dedicated to running sports, both professional and recreational. Not only does it provide insightful knowledge on shoes and gear but it also fuels a passion for running sports by building a community around it.

The new store presents ultimate shoes, apparel and accessories for everything related to running, starting with brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, Mizuno, Saucony, Salomon and Garmin.

Design much alike other Ferivi web stores, mirroring the main brand, was delivered by Ferivi from another design agency. Our overall project goals were to create a new brand awareness tool through eCommerce channel with familiar underlying technology. Current functionalities and modules include Ferivi’s usual web shop standard: one-page checkout, multi-select layered navigation, blog, customer service, loyalty program and more.

What’s new?


Ferivi introduced a modern foot scanner which scans a foot in just a few steps and then rapidly processes scan data to give an accurate image with comprehensive measurement information and recommended appropriate running shoe models. Additionally, users get a personalised training program.



Users can pick and take a pair of running shoes to give them a try on different running surfaces for up to five days, with no purchase obligation. After returning the shoes, they can pick another pair in their quest for a perfect fit.

Big plans

Running Gate has big plans for the future. ERP will be integrated to synchronise all the prices and quantities throughout all the stores, and loyalty program transparent on web shop as in fiscal stores. The connection would allow additional flavour: foot scanner data imported in users dashboard, filtering recommended running shoes.



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