Pos Analytics

POS (Point of Sale) Analytics gives Brand owners needed support for business planning through the market, competition, and product mix research analysis, while users have the opportunity of making an extra budget.

Built on mobile-first approach, this Android, and iOS Multilanguage, multi-theme app is packed with incredible features to meet the needs of all types of research jobs, on all types of mobile devices. Brand owners can a create variety of questionnaires and recruit demographically and sociologically suitable users to do their market research on specific points of sale.


Extremely simplified User Account contains profile with basic information (name, address, date of birth), missions section listing already reserved jobs and archive of jobs already done. App users can get all the information and help through FAQ, Terms of use and impressum. Messages section contains Brand owners and system admin messages.


After creating an account and getting approval from system admin, users can reserve jobs posted by Brand owners in Job universe section. After the certain job is reserved by one user, real-time data refresh enables other users to reserve it.

All job offerings are described by the Brand owner, price range, job details, a point of sale information and date period to be done. Additionally, an easy interface allows job offering to be filtered by Brand owner, budget amount, date periods and distances from home or from a mobile device.

For the job to be successfully done, users need to physically visit the point of sale, confirm it with location approval and upload point sale photo, then start the questionnaire job to answer on predefined questions.

Special algorithms grade and filter user’s efficiency, in quality and timeliness, which gives the opportunity for best-graded users to be engaged in more jobs.



The questionnaire, as the main tool, was developed with special attention and care. UX and usability were brought to a greater level through clean, pleasant and simple user interface allowing quick answering to predefined questions in a questionnaire.

All sorts of questions may be added, in a variety of types; yes/no, multiple selections, single selection, photo questions, text, number questions, nested questionnaires and more. There are two ways of answering questions: in sequential order or in Matrix-view. The Matrix-view is a smooth and easy scrolling table handling a big number of columns and rows. Although POS Analytics was developed in purposes market research jobs it may be reinvented and used in almost any area of market research and job opportunities as well.

Additional features

  • Barcode scanner
  • Autocomplete search
  • document signing
  • Custom camera
  • Encrypted data


Android Studio
Angular 2

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