Habit Gambit

Habit Gambit app was made by a few prospective interns as a part of learning training. Not one of our best work, but one we’re proud of.

Changing habits and implementing new ones is hard to do. According to scientific research will power and enthusiasm just isn’t enough. Developed on basis of behavioral psychology, Habit Gambit is a personal assistant app that gives support in getting rid of bad habits and implementing new and healthier ones into your everyday routine.

How does it work?

Changing habits is all about sticking to the plan and making consistency. The plan is simple: download Habit Gambit on your iOS or android device, picture a good habit you want to make or a bad one to break and choose the start and end date for every habit to get started.

In order for desired behavior to become a routine Habit Gambit creates consistency by sending notification reminders set in preferred intervals, from 15 minutes to every couple of hours.

To help during your voyage towards the goal Habit Gambit will keep you motivated in the form of short messages, such as “You rated a habit for the first time, stay strong!“. Progress and success can be followed by tapping on Statistics.

This amazing app already changed some of our habits. Try it yourself and let us know what you think.




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