Ferivi is a full-line sporting apparel and footwear retailer. Highly inspired by love towards sport, Ferivi started building the brand and entering the market fearlessly 20 years ago.

We’ve come a long way with Ferivi web shop. The initial web shop was built on Presta Shop platform. As online transactions grew rapidly and the market expanded, Ferivi needed a newer, more flexible, secure solution.  Magento 1.7. platform was introduced two years ago, to answer new demands. Only a few months after the Magento shop was launched, web shop sales practically blossomed, becoming the top seller among seventeen Ferivi stores.

The latest focus on design improvements and broader promotional options led to a dialogue of refactoring Ferivi shop and adding new customer value to it. A completely new design was implemented, old modules were upgraded and we added some new.

Ferivi is a real treat for sports lovers, enriched with content about brands, size charts, product description. You can find almost any information you need, and in case you don’t, there’s live chat support. Currently, new navigation allows instant product search by brand, size, line, type of sport and even sports club. Informative static banners were placed on homepage and sidebars to continue the dialogue with customers. Different product badges notify about discounts, brands or possibilities to personalize products.



Sports landing pages and blog give a bunch of interesting advice. With the store info pages, you can find the nearest store with complete info about working hours, contacts and staff.



Current functionalities and modules; product personalization, one-page checkout, multi-select layered navigation were retested, upgraded and improved.


Business Offers

With new module for generating business offers and company invoices online, Ferivi does think serious business, blending in other sales channels.



We developed lovely additions to this sports love story: Ferivi mobile app, Football Club Osijek web shop, and HNS web shop, all sponsored and managed by Ferivi.

Tisak locator

One of the new features is the delivery method by using Tisak locator and delivering products to Tisak kiosks. We added PayPal payment to expand the story of delivery and payment as optional as it gets.



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