Croatian Chamber of Economy

Croatian Chamber of Economy is a professional business institution with great participation in shaping the economic and policy system in Croatia, and promotion of the Croatian economy abroad.

To streamline organization workflows in IT structure we’ve significantly modernized, completely redesigned, and built a new system to improve overall quality control, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Considering the size of such organization, a large number of organizational units, the huge database we had a challenging and a high-risk task to reinvent the multisite structure in fresh practical, meaningful and secure concept.


We’ve developed extensive Laravel based CMS system, high in quality features and performance, while simple to use. More than 500 separate web pages of individual units were reduced to one central point. The Central database now allows content sharing between organizational units, maintenance benefits, and data management improvement. Due to a complex organizational system and multiple users in a collaborative environment, different levels of authority were created, allowing system admin total control of the entire system while other users have limited access, depending on administrative duties inside the company.

Client benefits

  • Simple user interface (quick add, modify and remove content, filtering and searching options, intuitive navigation)
  • Compartmentalized content, divided into sectors and mini sites
  • Taxonomy efficiency, optimized user experience
  • Full content control and workflow from copy editing, approval to publishing
  • Significant speed improvements
  • Significant security improvements
  • Maintenance benefits


User benefits

  • Meaningful content mapping allowing easy and fast information access
  • Optimized navigation and overall user experience
  • Efficient registration forms
  • Outstanding responsive design (99% Google score)


  • 2.700+ new articles published
  • 588 custom web pages integrated
  • 30%. Increase in unique site visitors

As a result of successful project implementation, our cooperation with Croatian Chamber of Economy will continue through further development of additional functionalities.




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