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Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet is a public institution under the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports in the field of information and communication technologies, dedicated to facilitating progress of individuals and society as a whole through the use of new information technologies.

Medusa cross-platform system was built in purposes of video content distribution with special focus on users in regions of particular national interest. Project scope included custom web application and mobile apps for multiple platforms.

Name Medusa, symbolically inspired by the Greek word meaning “to be mindful of, to provide for, to think on”, led to interesting logo design approach. Further design prerequisite was clean and simple, easy to use interface with responsive browser design.

Medusa system combines TV, YouTube and real-time stream of tutorials allowing users to select and watch or listen video and audio content for educational and academic purposes, on a pre-made schedule or on demand.

Medusa’s video experience is exceptional. It uses Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol as a standard of media on demand streaming, allowing streaming on multiple devices (browsers, smartphones, tablets, Smart TV, Set Top Box).

We enabled uploading new videos, adding videos and video playlists from YouTube and other external sources. To shape the robust content structure of the site we have created neatly organized video libraries.



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