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Médecine & Hygiène is the number one French-speaking Switzerland production giant in the field of quality health information for professionals and the general public.

Different company’s brands, Revue médicale suisse, Planète santé, Georg Editeur, MH Communication, cover a wide area in a very complementary way combining publishing, education, journalism, the creation of digital media, written and graphic content, and the organisation of events.

MedHyg customers expect them to simplify their user journey as much as possible, while at the same time MedHyg is delivering the powerful brands with a strong emphasis on who they are.


Our task was to align technology and multiple brands’ business strategy and deliver a new digital platform covering all hidden gaps in an outdated business process.

The redesign direction was responsive, clean, bold and elegant, pushing the content to important status and the brand continually forward. Our approach to MedHyg brands was simplicity covering a connection between business and user goals.

We have worked alongside the digital marketing team at Zurich to establish a strategy aligned with the brands’ ambition and their customer expectations.


The new multisite is strategically built on Magento 2 platform combining a variety of other necessary components into an elegant ecosystem of multiple integrations, extensions and custom code.

The new eCommerce solution allows the MedHyg teams to manage multi-stores, ERP system, and marketing extensions with ease, using a single sign-on.

Complete Compiere ERP – Magento sync revolutionised needed business agility in managing a number of warehouses, languages, currencies, and accounting rules leading to better collaboration between all teams and improvement in time to market.


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