321kupi shopping concept is based on a selection of carefully picked deals and vouchers in the form of e-coupons with product details, reviews and more. This Magento 2 shopping experience was designed to save customers money and time while giving a total marketing and sales support to numerous offline vendors.

The smartly shaped attractive design is featuring excellent services and fabulous products making it easy and fast for customers to search, share, comment, and buy deals for themselves, or as a gift, by using the custom-made gift option.

The homepage design features best deals from vendors in various categories, remarkable in their value and quality. Through a blog, social integrations, and important customer support we’ve done the first steps in building a community around 321kupi.

This business solution is enriched with the multi-vendor extension making it easy for all 321kupi business partners to upload their newest offers, manage inventory and check statistics for their sales and buyers demographics.

We’ve provided full technical support for the young, but dedicated team to steamroll their business challenges. Backed up with business automatization they can do what matters to them, focus on finding the most interesting offers across a variety of services providers.



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