Google does not recognize me, what should I do?

Thursday, 27 November, 2014

Recently we were contacted by a client for whom we created a web shop less than six months ago. He said that his web shop wasn’t showing up in first few pages of search results on Google. Find out why…

Although the web shop does not contain many products, it still took us a few months to develop it. The design was somewhat more complex, and its production lasted longer than development.

The web shop is multilingual, in five languages (Croatian, English, German, Italian and Dutch), which is for small business owners a lot. We created a page for each language, entered content for the client and trained him for further independent input. When creating a multilingual site, you need to pay attention for the content to be delivered on time by the client, which also shortens the process of creation. Of course, with the release of the web shop, regardless of whether the client hired the agency or not, our job is not finished. We continue to support our client and give advice what to do next in order to help him increase sales.

Once the web shop was live, the client hired an agency for online marketing – a good decision. He opened profiles on social networking sites, but we all know that the number of “likes” is not the same as the number of real buyers/users of the product. And, despite all this, problems started to arise… The number of visitors did not increase, and the client was not satisfied with how he was positioned in Google search results.

Multilingual web shop

In deciphering the enigma, we started from the multilingualism of the site. However, we realized that it was not a problem, on the contrary, it was an advantage. Take the case of large travel agencies, all are in several languages and all are more or less recognizable on Google. Try to speak to Italians in English, they will pretend not to understand you and bounce off of your site to go visit a domestic one. Truth to be told, we all like when we are spoken to in our native language.


Then we thought about the store’s domain – it is an .eu domain. All physical and legal person are allowed to register an .eu domain. So our client thought that if his brand is registered with an .eu domain, it will be recognized on the internet. However, this is not the case since Google prefers brands that have a domestic domain, then the universal domain .com and .net, and then .eu. But even that is not a sufficient reason why our client’s brand is not well positioned.

Name brand

When selecting the brand name, you should be careful because the Croatian word in different languages might mean something completely different, or does not mean a damn thing. There is an issue if you plan to invest in foreign markets. If you have chosen a name that means something only in Croatian, products have to be marketed with different tags depending on the country you are targeting – this is a job for the online marketing agency. For example, Medisimo (honey for coffee), is tagged as “honey maker” in all different languages, so we realized that this was not the biggest problem…


Be careful when choosing keywords. For example, in the case of Medisimo, which is a mixture of a honey maker, internet users wouldn’t look for “a mixture of honey maker” but “honey for coffee”.

There is not enough demand for the product or he is not known enough

We asked the client if he addressed other media, e.g. Offline media (newspapers, magazines, television). His answer was negative, he thought that today other media was no longer needed for successful marketing. However, how can you stimulate the end user, if they have never heard of your brand and products? Various retail chains and offline media (PR articles, print adds, TV spots and TV commercials) have the power to make a product known and desirable. These articles and TV reports end up online so users are redirected back to the portal, on a certain page on the web shop. You should not be confined only to Internet campaigns.

What about other countries our client is targeting? Same thing, he should first contact some of the better-positioned media on Google in each country. Google Display Network will do the rest.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power, because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X.

So if you have some similar difficulties, feel free to contact us. We are here for you!

Sanja Radić

Sanja is a Project Manager. She graduated in Faculty of Economics in Osijek, specialized in Business Informatics. She loves social media, new technologies, journalism, blogging and travel.

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