How do clients perceive a web designer?

Wednesday, 26 November, 2014

A web designer is a specialist who designs websites by creating an image of the company in the “virtual” but very real world. Creating a client’s identity for presentation on the Internet, the design of concepts, visual identities are demanding tasks for every designer.

Inside the Mind of a Web Designer

A designer should think like a concept manager and as a developer in order to predict what is doable, and what not. There is no point in offering the client a feature that is impossible to create in the development phase. Also, a designer must keep in mind that the design should be responsive (adaptable to different screen sizes).

In a web shop, a good design will help the user find their way around, browse products and make a purchase. The design of the home-page is sometimes “less important” because users search for specific product and by clicking on a search result link they are redirected to a single product page.

The most common problems faced by designers


For web designers, all clients are equally important. Although the project has a high priority for the client, it cannot always be done first thing in the morning! This is a serious job that needs concentration, creativity, and patience. Of course, if deadlines have been set, the designer must try to stick to them so that the project can proceed to the development phase as planned.

Undefined vision, client’s indecision, and finances

After designer delivers the proposal, the client must approve it before development phase can begin. After developers complete their part of the job and the client views the finished page, there is always something they don’t like and want to change. Clients often don’t listen to professionals and request that the design process starts from the beginning, for the same price. However, once concept and design have been approved, no more changes for the same price are possible (except for minor changes). New requirements have to be charged.

Do not ask designers about additional costs, this is not their area. You should always discuss finances with your project or account manager.

It’s best not to bother your designer while designing your website, store or app. Don’t insist on changes if the designer does not think they are a good idea. Pressure can easily decrease designers creativity and demotivate him/her. A great designer knows how to make your business stand out from the masses and give you that professional look you desire. So trust (y)our designers and we guarantee you will be happy with the result.

Process of making a design:

#1 Sketch on paper

#2 Black and white wireframe

#3 Filling of elements and colors

#4 Possible changes

#5 Finished design

Good to know

The development of the concept of a project (wire-frame, drawing grids, networks), is usually done by the concept managers. In larger companies, concept managers are more oriented to creating wire-frames for tenders, and larger systems (custom solutions). Wire-frame can be a simple black and white sketch, the important thing is that the designer knows which elements must be on each page. In most cases, designers can change the layout of elements before working on the design.

Sanja Radić

Sanja is a Project Manager. She graduated in Faculty of Economics in Osijek, specialized in Business Informatics. She loves social media, new technologies, journalism, blogging and travel.

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