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Tuesday, 02 May, 2017

A realty salesman has just closed his first deal, only to discover that the piece of land he had sold was completely under water.
“That customer’s going to come back here pretty mad,” he says to his boss. “Should I give him his money back?”
“Money back?” roared the boss. “What kind of a salesman are you? Get out there and sell him a houseboat.”

Salespeople are here to make purchases happen, no matter what. In the past, they practised different ways and methods to interest customers and make them buy what they are selling. But, what’s the situation today, when everything is already seen? What are the tricks that make sales happen? What will work today, when shopping is more and more often performed online? How do e-stores attract and keep their customers? Stay with us, and let’s find out together.

It is important to give people good reason to visit your e-store

Always provide a good motivation.

The Secret Ingredient

Since there is online shopping, people want to feel safe and make their purchase fast and painless. You could say, they wanted to get rid of the tedious obligation quickly. But today, it is not like that anymore. People are utilising online shopping more and more, and while performing it, they want to be amused. Those who ensure a good experience for shoppers providing them quality content will reap all the benefits.

Well, how to accomplish that? Make sure that your e-store is pleasant and attracts the attention of a human eye, which always aspires to see something beautiful. That is where visual e-commerce jumps in like Superman saving a cat from a tree. Visual e-commerce is the concept of enriching e-stores with valuable and powerful visual segments to attract and engage customers. Images, videos, user-generated content from social media – you name it. These visual parts need to be fun, exciting, compelling, inspiring and enticing. In this way, customers will develop tendency and preference towards your brand and e-store, always coming back.

Now, since the secret is no longer secret, we’ll see how among all of the visual ways to present product, the video is considered the king of the hill.

Every e-store needs to have its secret ingredient

No matter where the meal is cooked, the secret ingredient will always work its magic.

Visual E-commerce Wakes up Customer’s Senses

People are visual creatures, online shoppers especially. Because they don’t have the ability to touch, smell or taste a product they are planning to buy, it is crucial to give them the best possible feeling about it. Shoppers have to rely on audio and visual product presentation. Well, be sure to make a good one!

First, set up your video strategy. Understand your customers and who they really are. Make a plan of how you will use each video, who will watch it and where. The biggest barrier for customers is not being able to touch the product before making a buying decision. Your primary goal should be to bridge that gap and provide a more holistic purchasing experience. Create scenarios where people might use your product. Remember, to encourage people to purchase; they need to recognise themselves in those videos.

A good strategy will minimise your costs and time necessary to build quality e-store with good video content. Start there and let the sky be your limit.

People love to be moved and connected with content on an e-store.

Find a good way to wake up your customer’s senses.

Investment Worth Making

It is clear that a video presentation of products costs more than an image presentation. It is also hard to create a quality one. Because of that, many retailers rather choose the easy way and grab those pictures or graphics. Let’s see why creating good video content might just be an investment worth making.

Creating quality product video for e-store is the key to attracting customers.

Wait no more – start filming!

Video Speaks Beyond Words

Since we have clarified that videos in e-commerce are a path that you should tread, it would be a shame not to make a great and a successful one. What should the video be like? It needs to educate customers and be enjoyable. It has to leave a great impression to make customers remember your brand and to return when they need to shop once again.

Make a Video – Tell a Story

When we were little children, we loved stories. It is a part of our culture. So, an excellent way to present your product is through storytelling. Explainer videos are the perfect visual media for that. They last one or two minutes, telling a story about a product or its use.

Make a Video – Describe the Product

Videos on e-commerce sites are there for obvious reasons – they are the closest thing to the real physical product in customers hands. They allow people to know the product well and enable them to see what are they buying before pulling out cash. This kind of videos boost site conversions, attract customers and engage them, but also nudge them to come back.

Make a Video – Build Credibility

Nothing is stronger than a positive online review. People love to hear from other people that have used the product before them. So, putting testimonial videos on your e-store can only do you good. It will raise the brand and company credibility and encourage people to buy. Testimonials are honest, and people believe them. Use this, and your conversion rates could increase tenfold.

Gauss Development built the e-commerce site, for a company specialised in pool equipment, garden lakes, automatic watering, and accessories for water purposes. Our goal was to make a clear, intuitive and professional web shop, with a lot of information about the products. By implementing a video section with a description of each product, we managed to do just that. Videos are clear and concise, and give valuable information about the product’s use.


Today it is not just important to have a solid online store; it is crucial to make a great visual appearance of it, too. The audience has changed, people strive for something better and more fun. They want to be emotionally touched. Especially in online shopping, where they will give their money in exchange for that. Companies that sell online need to be interesting and engaging enough to make customers always come back. And the competition is continually rising.

The key is to generate attractive and quality video content for an e-store. In this way, people will understand the product and its use, why it is unique and why they should buy it. The video will invoke reactions faster and more efficiently than any other form in which the product may be presented. It is interactive; it is catchy. The ones who have recognised that, have a significant advantage and apparently earnings.
Visual content should be at the heart of e-commerce, and what the future of e-commerce brings, we can’t wait to see.

A satisfied customer should be in the centre of online shopping.

Remember – an amazed and amused customer is in the centre of visual e-commerce.

Ana Lozančić

Ana is a content Marketing specialist and blogger. She graduated in Faculty of humanities and social sciences. She enjoys learning and applying knowledge about marketing and social media, covering latest trends and topics about software development subjects.

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