The (not so) Secret Relationship Between Software Testers and Developers

Monday, 31 October, 2016

In this digital era that we live in, everything is online. We can do anything we want because of those beautiful people who allowed us to “get lazy”. Those people are Software Developers and Testers, who made our user experience much more enjoyable and smoother.

There should be no secret between software developers and testers

There should be no secret between software developers and testers.

In this article, we will present you with the (not so) secret relationship between Software Testers and Developers, which can turn regular Application uses into wonderful experiences.

Software Testers and Developers: The Love-Hate Relationship

Software Testers and Developers always have the same goal – to create a flawless solution for their client’s needs. But they work and think differently. While the first one is trying to find and create the best possible solution, the other one is trying to find a way to break it. They need to work together if they want to create a great product. But, they also need to work against each other, we like to say that they are in a love-hate relationship.

The testers’ goal in software development isn’t to ruin everything that developer has created, but to put their client’s need at the top of the priorities.  There is no easy way to find a right solution, so they need to think out-of-box and apply all possible scenarios that can break the application. That is the only way to provide a client with a high-quality product which will survive implementation, production, and real customer’s use.

A few years ago, Software Testers were not included in software development before the very end of application development, but fixing bugs at that stage was very complex, inefficient, and difficult, which was the alarm that something needs to be changed. And that exact change has happened. Introducing the Software Testers to the Full life cycle of Software Development has played an enormous role in building a solid ground for high-quality applications.

Client is a bond between software testers and developers.

Client is a bond between software testers and developers.


Full Life Cycle of Building a Tester-Developer Relationship

Software Testers are necessary outbox thinkers. They need to be creative and innovative to provide the best User Experience to end-users. They don’t look at the Application the same way as the Developers do, they put themselves in User’s position to find out which aspect of Application needs improvement.

There are a few stages that every Software Tester needs to go through with the Application Development.

Analyse, Analyse, Analyse! Start With The Client’s Requirements!

This is certainly one of the most important stages of Software Testing. In this stage, the client is providing a Software Tester with documentation of requirements. After that, the Tester analyses client’s documentation and writes down his comments about possible problems and errors in the application development.

A great example of how this actually works is filling in the contact form. There are some places that clients want to leave optional. The Developer is trying to find a solution to do it, and the Tester is questioning the best way to show the customers that that exact field isn’t mandatory, be it the colour scheme, some special characters or something else. In order to evaluate the product properly, the Software Tester must analyse everything mentioned in the requirement document and predict some possible experiences of end-users.

Software Designer Should be One of Your Closest Friends!

To provide a client with a high-quality product, the Software Tester needs to cooperate with every member of the team. After collecting all the necessary documentation, Testers need to convey all the information to the Developers and Designers, so they could start “building” the application. User Experience is really important and, the Tester plays an enormous role in creating a User-friendly interface.

Time For Implementation!

The most intense stage of Software Development, where the developers build and implement required functionalities which need to work flawlessly.  But when we take a look from a Tester’s perspective, things aren’t nearly as done! Now comes their time to shine. Testers need to be creative while testing the functionalities of the Application. They need to try every possible scenario that can lead to the complete breakdown of the entire Application. Also, they need to check whether the Application actually matches client’s needs. The biggest accomplishment certainly is a satisfied client and that is achieved through good cooperation between Client, Developer, Designer, and Tester.

Let’s Assure The Quality of The Application!

This stage isn’t that intense for developers – they upload the Application online so that the QA team can do their work. They only need to write down everything that is developed and implemented in the Application. The Testers now need to check everything once again and “give a green light” for the final release of the application.

In this particular stage, Testers need to check everything, from desired functionalities (if they are implemented the way the client wanted) and also play a role of end-user to find out if there are any possibilities for improvement.

Don’t Forget; This Isn’t The End of Software Development

The last stage is ongoing – Maintenance. After the final release of the application, you need to make sure that everything is working as required. If there are no problems perceived by the end-users, then everything is fine. But if there are any imperfections, the cooperation between Developers and Testers continues until everything is smooth. They need to work together to assure the quality of the product rather than compromise their reputation.

After developing and testing software the journey is just beginning

The journey is just beginning.

Who Wears The Pants in The Relationship Between Developers and Testers?

Well, actually, both of them! You wonder why? The answer is simple – they can’t work without each other!

While the Developer’s goal is to develop an Application without any errors or bugs, Testers aim to find any possible feature that needs improvement and to report it to developers in no time. That’s why the listening is so important. Developers shouldn’t take the feedback as a critique. They should take it as a way to make their application even better than it already is. They are specialists in their area that know how to build an Application that would be the perfect fit for their clients. But the Testers are those who need to assure that the Application is tailored to the end-users needs.

Who is the boss in relationship between software testers and developers?

Who’s the boss here?

Is This Relationship Unbreakable?

Well, although there are developers who are perfectly aware of some possible errors in their Application and who know how they can test it, there should always be the third side, who can give them a second opinion and a neutral feedback. That’s what makes their relationship unbreakable.

Software Tester is reliable and objective third side that can see the possible mistakes and errors that Developer hasn’t predicted. His feedback should be really appreciated because it’s based on user’s experience. It means that he knows what kind of problems can occur in the real use of the Application.

A great Tester is aware of possible user’s mistakes while installing and using a new Application. He also knows how to make the Application even more user-friendly.  Nowadays, there are a few people who are reading the instructions, so the Testers need to be sure that the Application is easy to use for even those who haven’t read the manuals.

The relationship between Developers and Testers is really strong. They are so different that they perfectly fulfil each other, which allows them to create a flawless Software Application, with excellent User Experience.

What Makes This Relationship Unbreakable?

As we have already mentioned – their differences. Software Tester is bold and loud, and he’s not afraid to say if anything isn’t right. He’s not afraid of potential conflicts with Developers or even Clients (if they know how to improve their requirements). It’s not always easy to spot a software bug. It can occur in various places in the code, documentation or design. But, a good Tester always finds them and reports them to the Developers.

The Developers takes their reports seriously; critique isn’t insulting to them because they want their application to shine. They listen to the feedback, discuss the problem and provide a solution in almost no time (even if it’s hard – they are aware that they need to fix every bug that has occurred). Also, they are usually not as “loud” as Testers. They like to avoid conflicts and just to do their job.

Software testers and developers will always work closely together

Software testers and developers – forever and always :)


The relationship between the Software Testers and Developers shouldn’t be a secret.  But it is important for them to appreciate their differences and to take each other seriously. No matter how unimportant something sees. Only by doing that, the company can deliver flawless and high-quality products to real users.

Hiring experts in Quality Assurance and Software Testing is a great way to assure the quality of the Software Solutions that the company provides.


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