Mobile Testing Challenges in 2017

Monday, 12 December, 2016

The Digital Era has arrived. Nowadays, everyone is using their smartphones to find the bits of information that they actively seek. That is why we are not even surprised that Mobile Applications have experienced an enormous growth in the last decade. However, before launching a new Application, it is necessary to do every possible step to prevent any potential errors.

The era of Mobile Apps is arising

The era of Mobile Apps is arising.

Mobile Application Testing can be time-consuming, but it is crucial if you want your Application to succeed. It is necessary to deliver a high-quality Mobile Application with great User Experience to the end-users. Especially if you are starting with a new Application and you want it to stand out. Mobile Application Testing will ensure the quality of your product by taking as many possible testing methods and techniques to prevent the Application’s breakdown. It is certainly a vital part of Software Development Life Cycle. And it needs to be performed by professional Software Testers that can find the best possible solution for any problem. If you want to know the biggest Mobile App Testing Challenges in 2017, continue reading this article.

Mobile Application Testing Challenges in 2017

Welcome 2017., welcome changes in Mobile app testing!

Welcome 2017., welcome changes in Mobile app testing!

Possessing unique skills

Mobile App Testers must have special powers and skill sets. They need to cooperate with developers, business analysts, designers, and marketing teams to be able to create flawless applications with a great User Experience. They need to know which application features get good reviews and which one get bad reviews. Only after knowing that information, can they seize the opportunities for improvements. It will lead to a better overall user review and more conversions.

Bad reviews will certainly have a huge effect on the sales. So, Mobile Application Testers need to fix any errors or fill in the gaps that bother their audience. Mobile Application Testers need to be in touch with their intuition. This unconventional method is the essence of Mobile Application Testing because there will always be some dilemmas with equally strong arguments on each side, so they need to take a decision that can direct the rest of the Application’s life. Which certainly isn’t an easy decision.

Mobile Application Testers always put themselves into the shoes of an average smartphone user – the end-user. They need to decide which features are the most important and how to emphasise them.  Also, they need to assure the high quality of those features, without any errors or gaps. That can be very demanding while testing on the new (half) mobile devices, such as smartwatches, smart house applications, and so forth, that have had a huge breakthrough in the last couple of years. It became pretty apparent that Mobile Testers need to follow trends and expand upon their knowledge. Of course, if they want to properly test mobile applications because they will not work same as on different devices.  The constant technological improvement certainly is one of the biggest Mobile Application Testing Challenges.

Possessing skills leads to success

Possessing skills leads to success.

The final results must be the focus of every Mobile Application Tester

That is the key to successful mobile application testing, and it certainly isn’t easy. Testers need to take a look at developer’s work and think about possible improvements from the perspective of an end-user. While doing all that, they also need to stay focused on the final results to be sure that every required feature is at the right place in the application so that that they can deliver flawless applications with great User Experience. No matter how great and useful mobile apps are, they won’t achieve any results if it is not adjusted to the end user needs.

If you have errors in your application, you can be certain that the whole reputation of your company will be at stake. It’s simple if you try the application from one company and it has serious errors, not many people will download a new app from the same company. Same goes for user experience. Even if the app is smooth and flawless, and without any errors,  your reputation could still be ruined by a bad user experience. If you want good user experience, it is important that the application is well organised, interesting and easy to handle. That is why mobile application testers must be focused on the results.

Final product in Mobile App testing is important

Final product is important!

Performance is the top priority of Mobile Application Testers

Performance has always been an enormous challenge for Software Developers and Testers. In a particular environment everything works just fine, but when an end-user enters the story, everything gets (not so) slightly complicated. If you are a mobile application tester, we suppose that you have already experienced how exhausting this challenge can be. You need to try the application’s performance in as many possible environments as is possible. That way you can be sure that it will work correctly when an end-user enters the game. Wonder why? If things don’t work as fine as they should, if there are some troubles with loading the application, the end-user could think that the app is broken and delete it from his smartphone.

That’s why the Network virtualisation should be every Mobile Application Tester’s top priority. Only by doing performance testing in a different environment, you can know the behaviour of an application in certain circumstances.

Don’t forget to test the performance in exceptional circumstances, such as a high number of visitors at the same time in the app or some of its features. If you do everything right, your Application can become top-notch. But, if you do it poorly, you might lose many end-users (and, of course, money).

A never-ending process of Mobile Application Testing

As all software testers know, software testing (especially Mobile Application Testing) is a never-ending process. Almost every week there are some improvements (so we can see updates on smartphones’ operating systems and updates on mobile devices specific to a certain brand), and with each update, the Mobile Application Tester needs to repeat everything they did just a week ago. Software changes can have a huge effect on each application separately. So they need to check all the features and functionalities to assure that everything is still working properly.  Nowadays, this process of constant improvements due to changes in the software is known as Continuous Integration.

Testing Mobile Apps is never-ending process

Take a break, do it all again!

Test Automation strategy is crucial for Mobile Application Testers

When Mobile Application Developers are testing a smaller application, without many features, they can do almost everything completely manually, step-by-step. They can check everything as many times as they need because those developers are not that limited with time, but everything changes once they start testing bigger applications, with lots of features and impossible deadlines. That’s why the automation strategy is crucial. Creating different test cases can significantly improve testing of complex applications. Wonder why? We guess you already know the answer – because of the Regression Testing! You can perform it immediately, which can save your time (thus, money). Test Automation strategy enables much easier testing of all the new features even before the application is complete.

Saving time means saving money which indeed leads to happy clients. If you do everything right, you will be able to do twice as much work in a shorter period. That is something you don’t want to miss!

Is That Everything Mobile Application Testers Should Have in Mind?

Of course not! Not even remotely close. It is only the tip of an iceberg. But these will probably be the main Mobile Application Testing Challenges in 2017. Since technology is experiencing an enormous improvement, there will certainly be even more challenges to deal with, but the key is to keep the focus on end-users. Listen to them, talk with everyone – clients, developers, designers, and even marketers because that is the optimal way of finding the best solution for your applications. Read the reviews and don’t forget to test everything 100 times if needed, just to provide the perfect app to your customers which will bring your company many benefits. Always pay a close eye to performance because if the loading takes too long, users will delete your application and you will lose your reputation.

Never release an application full of errors and gaps that you are aware of because it can only push your customers away. Look from your perspective, be creative, educate yourself, and you will conquer all of the future challenges.  By doing that you can significantly improve your and your business’ reputation and gain even more clients.

If you test Mobile Apps, always be open for learning

Always be open for learning!

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