How to Promote Your Mobile App

Wednesday, 24 May, 2017

You had a mobile app idea and succeeded to develop it? Hurray! Now, it’s time to push it into the wide world of mobile apps. This exact moment is where the fun starts – the moment when you start wondering how to get people to download, install and use your mobile app.

releasing mobile app after developing it

At some point, you need to let them go.

Two things are standing in your way. First, enormous competition. In Google Play there are around 2.8 million apps and around 2.2 million more apps in App Store. Second, the fact that over 90% of those apps are deleted after just one use.

Although those grim facts can be scary, there is no reason for worry. With a good strategy, a lot of patience and a touch of creativity, success is waiting for you like the light at the end of a tunnel.

An extensive mobile app marketing strategy includes components that drive downloads and create awareness of an app, through organic and paid channels. But also, customer retention tactics and consistent measurement methodologies have to be setup on time. All of this needs to be well planned before the app release. To lend a helping hand, we prepared some tips to guide you through the process of mobile app promotion.

Battle for the Throne

Ranking in an app store is kind of like ranking in Google. Good ranking is crucial for visibility. You can accomplish it in an organic and paid way.

With the launch of iOS 10, Apple also launched Search Ads, which is paid advertisement within the App Store. You can bid for relevant keywords, so when the user types them in, your app appears at the first position.

When you choose a name for the app, be sure that it is unique and relevant to your product. It has to match with what people will be searching for. Use effective keywords in your title and descriptions. Description needs to articulate your app’s value clearly. Update setup frequently together with app updates. Use positive testimonials and reviews to promote positive feedback. Choose screenshots carefully, because a picture is worth a thousand words. Screenshots create a great showcase of why someone should download your app.

There are two mainstream app stores, but don’t forget to promote your app in some of the lesser known ones like Amazon Appstore, GetJar, etc.

Racing for the first place in crowded market of mobile apps

Put your seat belt on, the race is about to start.

Tips for Mobile App Promotion

Give Real Context

It is clear that no matter how well you market your mobile app, people will not download it if it’s not something they need. Your app must simplify user’s life and have a real world value for target customer base. An excellent example of a mobile app that is useful is TripAdvisor. It is suitable for anyone who travels, who is looking for hotels, restaurants, places to visit, etc.

Design And Usability

The key to attracting downloads is to stand out with a great design and usability. An app has to look great, be responsive and have an intuitive user interface. Every shift towards a better user experience will make a significant improvement in the download figures.

Pinterest is probably one of the most “prettiest” mobile apps. It is light, intuitive and visually comfortable. The great visual experience brought Pinterest a huge increase of users. The most common reason why people use Pinterest is interesting content, excellent organisation and intuitive app browsing.

Mobile app needs to be beautiful to attract the users

Beauty attracts.

Celebrity Endorsements

We know that a lot of people download mobile apps based on recommendations from trusted sources. You can imagine the influence someone famous could make if they were to review your mobile app and suggest it to people. Try to find such a person. The power of celebrity endorsement is enormous. If you don’t have enough money to pay for this listed kind of promotion, try to pull some strings, see if there are some industry-specific influencers you could connect with, and promote your app through their blog or social channels. It doesn’t need to be the Kardashians. At least at the beginning. Later – who knows?

Direct promotion towards your targeted audience, because if not, you risk having a lot of new app users who will undoubtedly churn. Remember, the quality of app users you attract is more important than the quantity.

Word of Mouth

No matter how digital this era that we live in is, word of mouth should never be neglected. People still talk. But, they talk only about things that thrill and amaze them. The criteria are high; competition is fierce. Make your app flawless, point your strengths, bring something never seen before. Give people a good reason to talk.

word of mouth is an excellent way to popularise your mobile app

Talking over a cup of coffee is still in fashion.

Listen to Your Users

If you listen to your users, an average app could become a great app, and a great app could even be better. Even if sometimes users don’t know what they want, they will know after using the app for some time. The testing phase is vital, so provide your customers that period. Solicit users’ feedback after that; it will bring valuable information. Even if there will be some redesigning or re-engineering, it is better to do that sooner than later.

Build a Website or a Landing Page

Your mobile app needs an online exposure since most of the people turn to the web for finding information. It is an excellent opportunity to say more about your mobile app besides a typical app store description. Add an image gallery, videos, testimonials and most importantly – a call to action to get people to download the app. The call for download needs to be prominently featured on your site, wherever it has sense. Research a bit and find a good example of a landing page that will be popular in 2017.

Power of Social Media

Considering the sheer number of people that use it, we can freely call social media a golden mine for promoting mobile apps. There are two approaches when it comes to connecting with people via social media – organic and paid.

Organic traffic comes from simply having and maintaining, for example, a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account. Follow people and pages within your targeted audience and industry. Create short, interesting and engaging posts, try to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Invest a little money and become more visible with paid advertisement on social networks. If you are easier to discover, more people will download your app. Because of its broad audience, Facebook is a very effective ad platform for mobile apps. Start there, start small and then expand.

Social networks are important part of mobile app promoting

Use social media to promote your mobile app.

Make a Promo Video

Video has high power in catching users attention and generating downloads. It visually showcases the power of complex apps, and it is present on very popular networks like YouTube or Vimeo. Make a clear, dynamic and short video that will hook user’s attention along the way. Benefits of quality promo video are often not exploited. Don’t make that mistake.

Create Tactical Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great tactic to engage users and keep them coming back. Build notifications to inform users about events, updates, new features, etc. Notifications entice people to be active, to click on the app and use it. Via notifications, you can remind people of your app, especially if they didn’t open it for a long time. However, be careful. Don’t spam people by sending too many useless notifications because they might get annoyed and delete your app.


Even people who usually don’t post much on social networks, decide to do that when they accomplish a significant achievement. It’s the psychology of humans; they like to point out their success. So, develop your app in such a way that it gives the satisfaction of achievement or progress. That is how people get addicted to your app.


People love to share their achievements

People love bragging. Use that in your mobile app.


If you want to engage your users so that they keep coming back regularly, apply gamification. This tactic is taken over from video games – it takes a character to collect virtual points or reach milestones. Integrate some gamification components and increase user engagement. Your users will come back more frequently.

Don’t Forget to Retain

After pouring a lot of effort in strategies to promote your mobile app and attracting a lot of new users, don’t lose sight of the retaining phase, which is just as equally important. User loyalty will wane if an app doesn’t meet their expectations. Take all the necessary measures to ensure the app won’t get ditched shortly after the download.

Identify the key performance indicators and set measurable monitoring methods. Here, real-time measurement is valuable for making business decisions. Track user engagement in social channels, the length of time spent in the app and bounce rates. These indicators will provide information that will allow you to change strategies and ensure the best possible experience for customers.

Retaining is the key to success

It’s all about maintenance.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways to promote a mobile app. Combine suggested tips into a unique, personalised mobile app user acquisition strategy to build a large user base. But, don’t forget that quality of users is more important that the quantity. Understand who your users are and create advertisements accordingly.

Making your app visible and growing user base is not a fast and easy task. Be prepared for that. And – good luck!

Do you own an app? Have you started promoting it yet? Or are you planning to do it soon? Talk about your strategy with us in the section below.

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