Importance of Creative Design in Mobile Apps

Thursday, 11 May, 2017

We already spoke about mobile apps, their appearance and path to the heart of every smartphone user. Today, we will discuss how does the look of mobile app affect on people. It is important not only to have quality and fluid app but visually appealing too. The whole package, as we would say.

Don’t Be an Ugly Duckling

If you are not Facebook, there is no rest for you. Period. Work, work, work. And I don’t talk about Rihanna’s song. Research, research, research. To get better and have more customers, you have to be in this circle of constant improvements and learning.

Take a look at how many apps there are. Are you sure that yours is attractive enough to be chosen among all of them? Have you reached your maximum in satisfying all the customers’ potential needs and requirements? And, in the end, does your app look like an ugly duckling or like a majestic swan?

Creative design makes sure that mobile apps look attractive.


Step Out From the Crowd. Literally.

Whether you go to Apple, Google or any other store where you can download an app, it is a pretty crowded place. If you’d like for people to want your app, it is clear you have to do something remarkable. Before, quality was a priority. A revolutionary idea was something that counted. But, when you look at that stunning number of existing apps, you might wonder – is there something that hasn’t been invented already? So, you end up with your app. And a bunch of competitors. What to do now? Play “The beauty and the beast” where you’ll try to be the Beauty, of course. How – you wonder?

Step out with your mobile app.

Be a unicorn of mobile apps :)

First Impressions Count

It is known that first impressions count the most. Whether it is on a date, meeting fiance’s parents, buying a house or car, etc., the first impression is everything! Then why should it not be the same with mobile apps? One of the best ways to get an app stand out is applying a good creative design. People will first notice how an app looks like. Even before downloading. So, act on that. Spend more time to improve your app in a visual sense. Because, that moment of the first impression will affect the entire user experience and consequently, it will determine the ultimate success of the entire app story.

First impressions in mobile apps are worth the most.

Throw a smile, first impressions count!

What’s the Deal With Apple?

As many of you already know, Apple was the first in so little things. But, also, Apple was the best in so many of them. And that is where their success lies. Simply, they look the best. Do you want your present in a card box or wrapped up in shiny paper with a bow? Yes, I think so too. So, Apple beat the competition on the count of excellent visual appearance. This story sets up a good example. Follow it!

Creative Mobile App Design

In our previous posts, we talked about types of design in IT industry. We explained what User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are. User Interface design explores how an app looks and interacts with a user. User Experience design defines how the app feels, from the user’s perspective. User Interface and User Experience make the Creative Design.

Today, mobile app development is evolving and progressing ever so faster. Accomplishing a fluid User Experience is a path to success. How users will react on your app should be your central concern. It is a crucial part because it takes care about user’s feelings and thoughts, and people love to be taken care off. It is all about making something valuable, simple to use, not confusing and frustration free. If people are not satisfied with your app, it doesn’t mean that it is technically bad, but they will not come back anymore. That is the power of creative design in mobile apps that is often neglected.


Creative design in mobile apps is very important

The time for creativity is here.

What to Keep in Mind

  • Set your target audience and design core features accordingly.
  • Provide specific functionalities, ones that are exclusive for mobile.
  • Be open to suggestions that users will give you. Don’t follow only your ideas, feedback from the people that are using your app is precious and consequently will provide you with the opportunity to improve.
  • Be sure that your mobile app is valuable for users. That helps them in something real and that they don’t regret installing it.

Who Are UI And UX Designers?

User interface designers (UI designers) are responsible for a visual aspect of design and its interface and interaction. They do graphics, colours, typography, and layouts.

User experience designers (UX designers) create layouts and wireframes. Their responsibility is to build every property of the product that is promised to users. They work as the project goes, changing some things during the process of development if necessary. They are the ones that do field research and study user needs.

UI and UX designers are in close collaboration.

UI and UX designers are something like the groom and best man – together from the start :)

Rules of Design Rulers

Leave Conventions on The Side

Mobile design is so far different from web design. It has its rules and requirements. So, if you are designing mobile apps, free yourself from all the conventions and standards that exist in web design. Of course, we don’t mean for you to create a mobile app that is entirely different from a website or the whole brand. There must be consistency. But yet, it can not be the same.

Less is More

People want everything simple, clean and clear today.  So, there is a key. They want intuitive mobile apps that are easy to explore and navigate. How many users does Instagram have? And why is it like that? 

Fun, Fun & More Fun

Who doesn’t like fun? We all do! If you are working on a mobile app, to make it fun include cool buttons, fonts, textures and 3D effects and wrap it all up in beautiful colours with solid disposal of elements. When picking a colour, go for something soft with smooth contrasts and diffuse the background. Minimalism in colours is a trend now. Use more moving elements. Set free your imagination, people will love it! Options are numerous. But, don’t get too excited and overdo it, you still need to keep in mind the rule about simplicity.

Take Care of Screen Size

Phone screens are big today, so designers should consider how people hold their phones and according to that make a good disposal of all primary navigation buttons. It needs to be comfortable for user’ thumbs, to give you a thumb up.


Tinder got enormous popularity because of this feature. Swiping brings interaction and movement, and it is much more interesting than the usual tapping. As a result, people went crazy for it.

Apply the rules and sit on the Design throne.

To Conclude

The world is going mobile with millions of smartphones launched every day. Hence, some mobile apps are also growing incredibly. If you want to make users choose your app instead of any other, a lot of hard work will need to be invested.

No matter what purpose your app has, the end product must satisfy user needs and provide a quality user experience. If your app is not ready to fulfil these requests, releasing it at that stage could bring more harm than good.

So, make sure to take care of UI and UX design. A good designer costs, but that is definitely not the time for compromise. A well-designed product is half of a path to success. The second half will go easier if the first-half is secured.


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