Meet SalesBook, B2B Tool That Sells For You

Tuesday, 27 October, 2015

Meet SalesBook, a custom solution for Siller AG, a company involved in B2B with top brands; Coca-Cola, Intersport, Deichman, Jacques Lemans, Wortmann, and Vodafone.


SalesBook was a large and complex project which took 18 months to complete. Five developers worked in our office in Osijek and partly in Siller AG offices in Germany with a commitment to client’s success in their transition to mobile sales.

Optimized to Boost Sales

One of the main advantages in SalesBook is the simplicity it brings into a very complex, and corporate environment. Although the application is a tailored (custom) enterprise solution, we managed to keep it as simple as possible. Client’s needs required a tool that would optimize sales process, online and offline work, with the capacity to operate large databases (8GB). Content adding, editing, deleting and managing goes through a web browser (custom back-end system). Considering client’s demands and needs, custom app development from scratch was inevitable.

Wow Effect

SalesBook helps sales representatives to make stunning, interactive presentations and achieve more engaging visits. Let’s look at the main features:

Customer profile database – contact management module that assures the information sales rep need to plan their sales targets and establish customer relationships. The dashboard contains primary data, contracts, status, promotions etc.

Documents section – Invoices, offers, orders, promotions, assignments and shopping carts. Accessible online and locally. All data is synced automatically. Creating documents on the fly helps closing the deals immediately.

Catalog section – shows all the catalogs that are previously added through a web browser. This is the part with large data, each catalog has about 9000 products. With this great catalog view, sales reps can be more effective in up selling and cross-selling.

Close More Deals

Sales representatives use SalesBook to present the product lines and collections. Digital catalog leaves an exquisite impression with high-resolution photos, detailed descriptions, and interactive interface. The sales team can focus on the customer while SalesBook does the glossy presentation. Customers can browse the digital catalog, zoom the photos, see details about product availability and prices.

Fast Ordering

The sales representative can make an order with few tap-on-the-screen moves, adding the product with details (amount, discount, reference, delivery options) to the shopping cart. The order becomes assignment and goes on a further processing in the back office.

It’s All About Metrics

No matter what we say or do, sales will always be about numbers. Tracking sales activities is the best way for a comprehensive log that can drive useful conclusions. After a long day in sales, representatives can hook up their daily results into colorful graphs and statistics. In order to stay competitive and profitable, companies can’t track only numbers about total monthly sales. Missing a big piece of puzzle causes unused potential and unwanted leaks. SalesBook lets you understand your sales force and to learn from it, it’s a real win-win for all.


Sanja Radić

Sanja is a Project Manager. She graduated in Faculty of Economics in Osijek, specialized in Business Informatics. She loves social media, new technologies, journalism, blogging and travel.

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