Jobs in Software Testing – Are They the Future?

Monday, 14 November, 2016

The IT industry and software development are growing rapidly today. In the whole spectrum of jobs in this domain, many people choose to pursue a career as a software tester. Companies recognise the importance of software testing and delivering a flawless product to the market. That is why new jobs in software testing are emerging more and more each day.

Having quality software tester in a team is like having comfortable pair of shoes for your wedding

Having quality software tester in a team is like having a comfortable pair of shoes for your wedding.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process that checks and evaluates the quality of software. After software testing process is integrated, a program that is under the test needs to be without any flaws when it comes to releasing. It ensures that the product meets customer’s expectations and that it follows technical, functional, and users requirements.

Software testing is a complex process. It contains several related procedures. There are three parts of software testing. In the first stage, testers check software completeness according to functional requirements. Second, they investigate technical errors to make sure that product is error-free. On end, they evaluate security, performance, compatibility, usability, installation and localisation. Testing the software can perform in components, as a whole or as a part of a live system. The product needs to pass each of the tests to be ready for a release. After every stage of testing finishes, testers send back the software for corrections. After eliminating defects, there comes the retest phase when testers make sure that there are no more errors. This cycle continues until the product is flawless.

Who is a Software Tester?

A software tester is an integral part of a team that works on software developing projects. In every project, testers play a significant role because they ensure that the program is functioning properly. The responsibility for delivering a flawless product to the market is all on the software testing team. Once a project reaches a certain stage of development, jobs in software testing include designing, building, and implementing all different kind of tests to verify that product meets customers expectations. From small errors to complete crashes, software testing’s team mission is to find and report everything. From the role of the end user, they identify if any aspect of the program can improve.

Software testers work their best to crash a program which they are testing. Software testers must have a comprehensive knowledge of the program they are testing because only then will it be possible to check its quality. Working with the development team and project managers will bring an understanding of the product and what are its key features. So, testers perform a significant role in the whole software development process. They need to be ready for major responsibilities, manage their time and effectiveness, be aware of priorities, work under deadlines and most importantly – focus on constant learning and improving skills.

Software tester tests on a different devices

Software tester tests on a various devices.


Skills of a Software Tester

An essential part of every IT project are the testers. There are few core competencies for every software tester. They need to work a lot to develop and improve these skills to become better each passing day. That is important because testers are one of the most responsible persons of every project.

Like in every business, passion is the best indicator of a great worker. A passionate person finds its job interesting and exciting. Great tester has a positive attitude; he is always willing to learn and improve his skills. In the software industry, changes are happening rapidly; technologies evolve with an overwhelming speed, so upgrading knowledge and improving skills is imperative. Learning needs to be willing. Taking responsibilities, being independent and completing tasks without much direct supervision needs to be a part of a tester’s standard day.

Time management and organisational skills are essential because high productivity is a priority. Testing period can be long and challenging, but testers need to manage their time to use it in the best possible way. Written and verbal communication skills are necessary because of daily interactions with developers and writing test cases that should be easy to read. Analytical skills help in breaking up a complex software system into smaller units. In this way, problem understanding is better and creating test cases easier. Of course, it is desirable to have some technical skills and knowledge about tools.

Having various skills is important for software testing

Having various skills is important for software testing.

Roles and Jobs in Software Testing

In every software testing team, there is a hierarchy, different roles, and responsibilities. There are two levels of these jobs: test lead and test engineers.

A test lead or a test manager is responsible for all the members of their team and their activities; they create a plan of testing processes and checks if the team has all the necessary resources to execute tests. They prepare the status report of testing activities and interact with the software development team, project manager, and customers.

Test engineers have to read all the documentation and understand the software that they are going to test. They make a decision on how the product will be tested and inform the test lead about necessary resources. They develop test cases, execute them, report defects, and retest whenever changes are made in the code to fix flaws.

How fast and how well can the product be tested depends on the testing team and its capabilities. It is good if the testing team is a mixture of different people with various abilities and knowledge, who can efficiently work together and achieve a common goal. This kind of a team will have a combination of all the relevant knowledge required to test software.

Roles and responsibilities in software testing

Roles and responsibilities in software testing are very important.

Organisation is The Key

The organisation is the first step towards a successful project. The structure of a testing team is something that needs to be clearly defined. Roles should be defined, responsibilities well assigned, and distributed among the team members. Even if something goes wrong, in this case, it would be easy to determine whom to contact. Each team member needs to have all necessary documents about task approach and organisation, about the schedule, estimated time and all the details related to quality processes. If every team member knows what he needs to do, the project will be done with great quality and on time.

Every team member needs to be evaluated according to his performances. It is vital to check what kind of errors someone tends to miss, and what kind of mistakes he can detect. That will generate a real picture about the team, their pros and cons.

Career in Software Development

Building a career is a very intricate process that requires a lot of work and time. Same as in any other job, getting a career and employment in software testing requires passion and dedication. Like we said, a software tester needs to be eager to learn and always work on improving his skills. That is the only path towards building a successful career in software testing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people and companies still don’t recognise the real value of proper software testing and the importance of quality software testing team. In fact, there is still a belief that testing is so simple that everyone can do it. Yes, anyone can do it, but only people dedicated to it will become a professional, and gain a career.

Software testing is a very demanding and complex domain of a whole software development process. To be a good tester, you need to be creative, think analytically, explore and have much concentration. Besides that, what makes a good tester is an expertise in test design techniques to build effective tests that will bring out the defects in the software.

Companies that recognise the benefits of testing will hire professionals in software testing because thorough testing of their product at the beginning of the development cycle will reduce costs of fixing bugs later. So, it is worth investing your time to develop and improve skills required in this domain. Jobs in software testing are the future, and they offer a significant opportunity to build a great career.

Building a career in software testing

Software testing is a great way to build a career.


The testing phase of every developing software project is crucial. A team of software testers is very significant because their skills and knowledge will ensure releasing an error-free product to the market and according to that, customer’s satisfaction.

Becoming a member of some software testing team requires lots of skills and willingness for learning. Constant change and rapid growth of technologies require concentration, dedication, and eagerness for success. All of this are the characteristics of a man interested in pursuit career in software testing.

If you are the person who likes learning and constant change, this might be the perfect career fit for you. Possibilities are endless, jobs in software testing are requested these days, and you can be sure that investing your time and effort in everything will eventually pay off.


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