Internet as Business Platform in 21st Century – Why You Need a Good Website?

Monday, 10 February, 2014

What you need to consider prior to building your website? What is important when building your internet business platform

When setting your online business, it is important to consider many things. I would like to outline seven points you should pay your attention to.

1) Setting goals to your website – these goals should be in line with the goals of your organization. Goals you set for growing your business are the most important keystones in your business. They help you know where you want to go and what you want to achieve. You build your organization structure and your direction on step-by-step basis to achieve those goals. When you wish to step further, you advertise yourself to broader public. This is where software use and Internet as your business tools come into place in order to achieve your organization’s goals. Then you should consider how should your website look like, what technologies should be used, and how should it be developed.

2) Target your audience – your audiences are your customers. Market represents customer’s needs and tools that need to satisfy them. Your product and your website, whether it is simple website or complex e-commerce web-shop should be targeted to your customers. This means you should pay special attention to design of your product and how it will reach them. Website and marketing campaign help you reach your customers to increase your sales and profit.

3) Focus your content – your content is what exists on your website. Content is what meets your customer’s needs. Product that is visible, reachable with only few clicks, with nice product package and with affordable price. If you have online shop and would like to offer special promotions, it should be outlined on the website in a way that a first thing an online visitor sees is your product visible, nice, with big discount offer and possibility to buy it with just one click.

4) Express your reality – your website reflects who you are. This points to you, showing that you pursue excellence in everything you do. Your company is your work. You offer great service delivered in time, you show respect to your customers, you offer them exactly what they need, you create great shopping experience, you provide great price and your provide great products. This is something that needs to be seen when you present your business.

5) Streamline your design – your design should always be simple. Visitors should be able to easily navigate through your website. All your graphical elements should be well-design and put in right place, your layout should be gentle enough so that your visitor can enjoy his time spending on your website, and all information he needs should be accessible and easily found.

6) Increase your traffic – make your customers find you easily using different techniques. There are many ways people can reach you. It is important to be aware that if you wish to be successful, it is always better that customers come to you. Therefore, you should use every possible marketing tool to build sales channels to be easily found. This shows that you hold expertise in your business.

7) Call to action – when you set your sales channels, make them work and let your business expand and work for you!

Ana Lozančić

Ana is a content Marketing specialist and blogger. She graduated in Faculty of humanities and social sciences. She enjoys learning and applying knowledge about marketing and social media, covering latest trends and topics about software development subjects.

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