How Artificial Intelligence Affects Mobile App Development?

Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

Artificial intelligence is around us. Even if you don’t notice it, it is present for quite some time now. What once was a futuristic concept from movies, now is a part of our reality. And it is the time to introduce it!

Artificial intelligence is the future

We are knocking on the door where the future lives.

The advancement of artificial intelligence is bringing a lot of possibilities into the world of mobile app development. It is high time that businesses and developers start discovering it because AI and mobile development make a perfect match. The result of combining AI with app development is intelligent apps. What are intelligent apps and how will all of this impact us, as end-users?

The Hottest Topic

The story about AI is not entirely new, not anymore in any case. It is popular and widespread these days, but it has been around for quite some time now.

AI is widely used as an element of a larger system, and it is filtered into general applications. But, it often happens that this field goes unnoticed.  Many of the things that are possible thanks to AI are so mundane today, and for many, it doesn’t even get credit anymore.

Think only of Facebook. Your newsfeed is exactly how you want it to be, right? It is not a coincidence! Facebook has its own AI lab where they are taking small steps towards an important position in the artificial intelligence community.

AI has become one of the hottest topics in business, science, robotics, IT, e-commerce, mobile app development, and in so many other fields. Everybody talks about the ability of computer programs to learn, solve problems, and think logically.

Gartner in his top ten strategic technology trends for 2017 puts exactly intelligent apps at the top. Because of that, many companies are integrating AI into their mobile apps to transform the customer experience, deeply engage and ultimately retain them. And all we can say is – yes, please!

So, I’ve heard about some intelligent apps…

Intelligent Apps Attack

AI-powered, intelligent apps combine operational, product and customer insights with modern application development tools and user-oriented design to create a compelling user experience.

Intelligent apps support and enable key user decisions, but also continually learn from the user interactions and behaviour to become even more relevant and valuable to those users.

Intelligent apps could be used for many purposes by integrating them with smart sensors, traditional enterprise applications or retail apps (chatbots).

Adding AI to your mobile app can be relatively simple and cost-effective, but powerful. Industries that are adopting AI are very diverse. For example, Starbucks, world’s leader in the coffee industry, announced “My Starbucks Barista” AI-powered mobile app. The user simply tells the app what they would like to drink and the app places an order for them.

Mobile is an ideal platform for AI because there are various personalization capabilities. Smartphones are aware of user’s location. They are aware of the outside world, too. Also, besides of awareness of its location, the intelligent app will become contextually aware of user behaviour with time. By learning user behaviour patterns, it can help the owner in many daily tasks. Consumers are maybe the most familiar with Google Now or Apple’s Siri, an intelligent personal assistant who helps the user handle daily commitments.

Imagine, you wish to organise your exercise routine. Based on measuring your activities during one week, an intelligent app could suggest a customised workout plan for you. All of it while you don’t even pay attention to what is happening. Intelligent apps should work behind the scenes, without drawing any attention. That’s the difference – you shouldn’t even notice that some app is using AI, just that your life is getting simpler and easier every day more and more.

Businesses are adopting intelligent apps

Watch out, intelligent apps are secretly coming through!

Alexa Will Steal Your Heart

Several voice-controlled home digital assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Viv and Google Home were presented through last two years. But among all of them, Amazon’s Alexa is the girl that has stolen the heart of most of the population.

Alexa is a virtual personal assistant who has a controlled echo-speaker which, using nothing but the sound of your voice, browses the Web, creates different lists, plays music, reads recipes, answers questions, checks the weather, shops online, controls smart-home products and many other things. And, it’s getting smarter and more powerful each day because Amazon has added Skills to Alexa. A lot of developers are building Skills which are making Alexa capable of customization to any lifestyle on different devices, making AI more accessible and mobile.

Voice interfaces provide users to interact with apps using everyday language. Besides voice recognition, Alexa uses a variety of utility functionalities, like predictive messaging, and context-aware computing.

Amazon is planning to accentuate personalization of user experience by bringing Alexa wherever the user goes. And it is a trend setting because we will see more and more how AI technologies are integrated into mobile apps to personalise and streamline the user experience.

The idea itself of having a personal assistant that will help deal with everyday errands gives goosebumps. It is an absolutely neat scenario! But, let’s not stop there. Intelligent apps are not just restricted to digital assistants. There are many other purposes like handle security or rhythm of your house.

The future is promising great things if we will judge by the current technological happenings.

Amazon Alexa intelligent app

Pick your spot, cause Alexa will handle everything else…

What’s Changed for Developers?

Something crucial has changed with the appearance of intelligent apps. Developers should gain new knowledge and find out how to utilise those new trends.

To make your app intelligent one needs to teach it how to learn. Explore ways to make your app use a large amount of available data to deliver better customer service. As a developer, think more how to collect, sort and store the data that applications gather. After that, figure how to feed it into machine learning algorithm who will handle them in the right way, opposite to the standard static algorithm that does not change. By studying patterns, useful information will be extracted from the collected data. Those patterns are the base for making predictions.

An excellent example of an intelligent app is Nest in comparison with traditional house thermostat. The traditional thermostat would have to be set at a certain temperature by a human, and that would trigger the air conditioner of the heater to turn on. The Nest is smart, a dynamic device that over time learns preferences of people and accordingly makes adjustments by itself.

Remember, everything evolves, so must you. Developers who are capable of building contextually aware intelligent apps that are using a big amount of data in the right way will be in demand. Don’t miss that opportunity!

Watch for the changes in developing intelligent apps

Sharpen your lenses for the changes are coming! (credit for this awesome giraffe goes to Smartphotocourses)


The term Artificial Intelligence has been thrown around a lot recently, but it has been present in our daily lives for some time. Only, people never asked how and why some things are working or why are they even possible, so this subject wasn’t mentioned as much as it is now.

Many things are invented, AI is making our life simpler and unladen, but there is so much yet to come. A decade from now, most of the applications that we use will be intelligent. Our smartphones will be the best mobile computers, and those intelligent apps will blow our minds.

True, there is a lot of exploring and experimenting left, but changes are inevitable. It will be interesting to observe how our mobile-first world is moving into an AI-first world which will change mobile apps world and our interaction with it forever.

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