Importance of User Experience

Tuesday, 26 June, 2018

Importance of user experience is often overlooked in the whole design process. Visual design is mostly taking the primate, and it is clear why. It’s what people see first when they land on your web or download the mobile app. And that directly influence how customers think of your company. What can be more important?

However, one is sure – there is no use of good-looking web or app if everything is not working flawlessly, and more important if people don’t enjoy while using it. Importance of user experience (UX) is significant because it will bring necessary balance.

Users want to enjoy using your product

Allow users to enjoy your product.

What is User Experience?

User experience is the general experience of the person when browsing your website or mobile app. It’s the emotion, intuition and connection that user feels when interacting with your (digital) product.

Well, it is clear that you can’t control people’s reactions, but you can surely do all that is in your power to indulge them and make those reactions positive.

User experience involves designing and planning experience and creating a workflow for the users. It mainly refers to how smooth or pleasing web or app (or anything else) is to use.

Pay attention to how fast the site load, is it easy to navigate, how simple users can accomplish their goals, is your product responsive to mobile and tablet devices. All this matters more than you can imagine.

When to Start Thinking About User Experience?

It’s never too early to start thinking about the importance of user experience.

UX will, for sure, make everything more cumbersome at the start of a project. You can’t just decide to build a website and do it. The process is far more complicated than that. There are a lot of research and planning to figure out what you need and want, where every detail should go and what should it mean.

Remember, every aspect of your product affects the user experience – fonts, colours or button placement. Because of that, user experience should be an integral part of design process, from early concepts to the final product.

Digital user experience encompasses all aspects of interaction with your product. Some of them are controllable by developers and designers, but some of them are environmental or just matter of someone’s preference. These factors include accessibility, usability, performance, aesthetics, ergonomics, utility, marketing and overall human interaction.

Never too early to start thinking about UX

Never too early to start thinking about UX

What Makes a Great User Experience?

As we mentioned already, a lot depends on users individual preferences. So, there is no universal answer to question what makes a great user experience.

The most important thing is not to assume what your users like or dislike. Here is no room for working by the feeling. The only way is to test user experience – get closer to users, talk to them, and most important, watch them use your product. Users are the best teachers, definitely!

By monitoring user behaviour, you can gain a crucial understanding of what are visitors doing on your web or in the app. Knowledge of how people use your product will give you unique opportunity to make modifications that will guarantee satisfaction. In the end, you will have a product that is optimally built for your customers.

It is true that user experience gets more attention when it is weak than when it is good. Excellent user experience means that users don’t even think about it. They use the product, get what they want and move on. On the other hand, poor user experience causes a lot of negative feelings and makes users unsatisfied, impatient and frustrated. And it is in human nature to inherently remember the negative experience for a longer time.

Test to provide great UX

Test to provide the great user experience.

Importance of User Experience for Your Business

Customer satisfaction often determines business success. Every company depends on users enjoying their products and services. Physical or virtual, product should cause an emotional and intellectual response in its consumer. It is not always about how something looks or works; it is also about how it feels.

The number of businesses that start to recognise the importance of user experience as part of their digital marketing strategy is increasing. They are aware of the fact that the first ten seconds people spend on their web or in the app are the crucial ones. In that short time, users check the website, see if is it user-friendly, is the company trustworthy and decide would they stay or move on.

If users are pleased with your product, that will increase conversions and sales. Increased conversion means that all of the money you invested in establishing excellent user experience will return in measurable value for your business. If people are regularly returning to your web, it means that they are becoming loyal buyers. And that is a closed circle that every business aspire.

UX is the path to success

With excellent UX, you will only go up.


Every business owner should realise the importance of user experience for success. It doesn’t matter how your product looks, and how optimised is for a targeted audience, if users are not able to efficiently interact with it.

Try to deliver a product that is simple to understand, easy to navigate, and that is enjoyable. That is something that will stand you out from competitors. Remember, there is not a lot of time. Only a few first seconds when visitor land to your site will matter. Observe users, adapt to their needs and preferences. It’s the only way to be better and gain a large community of loyal customers.

Hire excellent UX team, let them do their magic and watch your business grow.

Ana Lozančić

Ana is a content Marketing specialist and blogger. She graduated in Faculty of humanities and social sciences. She enjoys learning and applying knowledge about marketing and social media, covering latest trends and topics about software development subjects.

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