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Monday, 13 March, 2017

Picking up just the right software solution is similar to women finding the right dress for an occasion. She can have hundreds of them, but none is a perfect fit for that exact occasion. In software development, there are many different platforms, programming languages and possible solutions that we can drown in them. It’s hard to know what opportunities you can use if there is no one to guide you.

Black Dress of Custom Software

Choosing a software solution is a significant moment in your business’ lifetime, and when it comes to picking up and developing it, be sure to find a good lead and a right partner who will take care of your company like it is their own. Choosing a suitable IT consulting company is important. Especially if the solution that you want is accurate and it needs to be custom made. The tailor-made solution is for a business like that little black dress in a woman’s closet – perfect fit and evergreen.

Evergreen consulting

Oh, finally, the right dress!

In the Beginning, There Was a Consulting…

Consultants are steadily becoming more important in today’s business world. Only a man with experience and credibility can fulfil this position. His advice and suggestions can make a significant difference in making important decisions that could impact your company’s future.

When it comes to IT consulting company and making software development decisions, take this extra seriously. Whether your business is a large enterprise or a small startup, software-related issues will seek the help of an expert. There are too many risks involved to try all the possibilities blindly or to move from one solution to another. So be prepared to invest a little more at the beginning to have it all eventually pay off.

If you hire the right IT consulting company, with real information technology experts, you can save time, money and increase the productivity of your business.

Remember, consulting is the initial part of every project. Before anything else, before you even start developing your idea and hire a partner, ask for consultations. That way you can find out who you’re dealing with.

Importance of Consultations

You risk burning yourself without heeding words of advice.

Choosing the Right IT Consulting Company

When you come up with an idea, it is crucial to find a good partner, an IT company that will help you turn it into reality. A successful one, if possible. But, easier said than done. It is very challenging to find out your perfect match. There is a lot of IT companies, so how to find a good one that will understand you and your needs? It can be tricky, a lot of firms will try to get you, but be picky, you have every right to be!

Follow simple inputs and do a research before you decide on your software consulting firm. When you make the final decision, it will be like marriage – together for better or worse till death (or contract) do you part.

Be sure that the selected team has everything you need – good will, right knowledge and proper tools to make your project see the light of the day.

Skills and Expertise

Check their skill sets and expertise, but leave official certificates and diplomas aside. More often than not, paper means little. Find out what types of software do they work with, and if they specialise in a single programming language. Compare yourself with other clients of theirs, see how long they have been in the business, and what their reputation is.


Experience, experience, and only experience. The best way to find out the programming skills of an IT company’s developers is to check out their completed projects. Look for projects and clients similar to yours. Test their products, look for references and case studies. Only then will you find out what their team’s capabilities are.


Excellent communication skills are crucial for every software consulting company. A great company will be able to recognise and understand all of your ideas. Giving assessment about project timeline, deadline and overall costs in a minimal amount of time is something that will make a difference. Pay attention to that. Eliminate every possibility of a surprise, discuss details before the development phase starts. Having a consultant available during the whole project lifetime is critical. Someone who will communicate with you and give you updates on development milestones is valuable, and it is a sign of a good software development company.


Pricing is an important issue to deal with before engaging in business. Larger IT companies have bigger prices, but they will build anything you need. But, don’t write off smaller companies that are less expensive. Ask for a quote, talk to them and see if they share your vision of the project.


Maintenance comes after the project is finished. Check what level of support your IT company offers and how long will they be there for you. You need developers to have your back because problems can occur after the project goes live. It is much better if the same company which built your product works on maintenance because they are familiar with the code, and they will know precisely where the problem is if it occurs. Also, try to look for a company that will continue to grow with you and your product. If someone is offering the whole package – consulting, developing, QA, marketing – consider them. Simply, ask for a company that will live with your product.

Researching IT Consulting

Do. Your. Homework. ;)

How to be a Better Client to a Consultant?

If you are hiring a consultant, you will also have some obligations towards him. There are three golden rules how to be a better client. Honour them.

First, be available to your consultant. Always and through every channel. Return his calls as soon as possible. Announce if you will be away at some particular time so that you can schedule consultations on time.

Second, listen to your consultant. You hired him because of his expertise, so value his advice and guidelines. Trust him, and be flexible.

Third, pay your consultant as arranged in the contract. Be transparent and honest with each other, define all the working conditions. Determine what happens in the case if the consultant finishes his job before the deadline. Or what happens if the project needs extra working hours. Get everything in writing, and there will be no misunderstandings.

Consulting on strategy

Listening is an important skill of IT Consultants.

Consulting in Gauss Development

If consulting is significant in the whole IT industry, imagine how incredibly important it is while building custom made solutions. From getting an idea to realising it, it is a very long path. It is not simple to put all of the thoughts in one place and transform them into a finished product. There is a lot of hard work, adjustment, combining and changing opinions. Maybe the most important part of building tailor-made solutions is consulting. Discussing your idea with proper IT consulting company will open your eyes, and with their help and advice, that idea will become an even better one.

Here at Gauss Development, we are particularly proud of our list of custom made products. Each and every one of them is important to us, and it took us a long time to build such treasury. Our interest in every client and his idea resulted in exceptional products.

It is important to remark that our every development project started with consulting. This phase of the project we take very seriously. After a client communicates us his idea, we suggest the optimal way of realisation. Deep understanding of the exact business processes and the challenges are our mission before giving any piece of advice. After getting to know the idea, some of adjustments and improvements will be made, for sure, because people that work on custom solutions in Gauss are very creative and excited about every project and they will find a way to contribute.

Gauss Development considers that process and technology consulting are essential and integral parts of every business strategy. We provide IT consulting that builds clear plans and provides innovative solutions for your business, to reduce costs, drive your business growth and improve competitive market positioning. There are several areas of consulting that we offer: strategic and eCommerce consulting, Brand and identity planning, Software and Product Consulting, Website Analytics, and SEO.

Rest assured, you can trust us your project because we will help you climb high on the ladders of success.

Consulting Ladders of Success

Not all ladders lead to success. Choose yours wisely.


“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas”, said Shirley Chisholm once. If you apply this saying in IT, you can see its accuracy. If an idea appears, don’t repress it. Be bold and realise it. Find a good partner and an IT consulting company that will guide you through the whole project lifetime, someone who will be your ally. Sometimes it may seem harder to find a good consultant than developing the entire product.

When faced with a great variety of development teams, choosing the right one to be your consultant can be challenging. Compile a list of potential ones, and compare them to find your perfect fit. Check for their expertise, experience, communication skills, pricing and willingness to support you after the product is released. A good IT consulting company will recognise the potential of your idea; it will work with you to realise it and to turn it into a serious business with prosperity and possibility to grow. Take your time, don’t rush, think twice and be sure that the final choice is also the right choice.

Create Custom Software Together

And remember…

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