How to Get Fresh Mobile App Ideas

Friday, 17 February, 2017

Splitting up the process of mobile apps creation is the first step. Splitting tasks into smaller pieces makes it easier to chew. Since you need to develop the whole app, that will surely take at least a part of the split pie. For our case, we will consider development as the second phase. But, if that is the second stage of creation, what then is the first? The idea. Ideas take a big chunk of the process. Perhaps it isn’t half of the process per time invested, but without a starting idea, there is no app.

App Overture

In the present article, we would like to show that even you can get mobile app ideas! Smartphones are gadgets popular for their convenience and flexibility, and the number of their users is ever-increasing. Androids, iPhones, Windows Phones, they all have their respective stores, and all have their customers. You don’t have to be only a customer; you can have your app up there too! Who knows, maybe you can even earn money or become internet famous!

Great minds discuss ideas, goes a third of the quote of Eleanor Roosevelt. We cannot have the idea in your stead, but if the former first lady is to be trusted, then we can at least look great while discussing it.

Get Mobile App Ideas

Play the Market

It has been a matter of a lengthy discussion whether supply creates demand or if it’s the other way around. Whatever the answer might be, if we are discussing mobile apps, both ways can help us achieve our goal.



“Gather round folks, gather round!” he shouted.

Take your friends, family or colleagues to a drink, invite them over, or start a phone conference. You have many options as far as approaching people is concerned. Many a mobile app began as a brainstormed idea. If you have friends that are mobile developers, you could ask them for some ideas. You don’t have to single one out. Try combining more ideas into one, deconstruct them, analyse, see what can come out of it. Just be sure to let everyone involved know what you plan to do with their help. As a side note – drawing helps. Put things to paper, give the ideas some form, and they may yet spring to life.


You cannot escape research. Maybe we should’ve put this part higher in the post as it is present in each and every other one too. There are over 2.6 million apps just in Google Play Store since the end of December 2016. An app doesn’t have to earn you big bucks necessarily, but it can also provide a solution to a problem. Your app doesn’t have to be either of those. It can provide fun and entertainment – maybe you have the next Angry or Floppy Bird in your pocket.

The research that you do while on the lookout for an idea can also help you get a strong sense of the app market. Once you have what you came for, contact a developer, and start coding away. Just remember: sign a non-disclosure agreement. That way your idea will stay yours.

Scour Social Media

People vent. People brag. All in all, people talk. Join social media, see what they have to say. You will hardly find a better way to identify the cause of frustration of so many app users. Problems and issues, praise and suggestion, see what you can dig out and see how you can turn it to your advantage. This way everyone wins. You get ideas, and people get their frustrations cured by your app.

Build a Boat. Build a Solution.

If you cannot cross the river, build a boat. Or a raft at least. Okay, okay, or a bridge. The consensus is that for every problem, there is a solution somewhere out there. Maybe there is a pot of gold across the river channel, but it won’t matter if you can’t find a way around the fast currents. Don’t start building an app thinking only of money. Expand your horizons. First, find a solution, and the greater it is, the more the people will use it. A wooden raft will only get you across. A boat will help others too. But a ferry will get everyone to and fro. A great mobile application does exactly that.

The pot of gold won’t grow legs, don’t rush it, you do not want to drown. Find a problem, build a solution.

Be Futuristic, Be Optimistic

How good is your foresight? How far can you see? You don’t have to be a medium to guess the future. Look for cues on the internet. Try to think what the next best thing will be. It is akin to searching a needle in a haystack, but if your eyes are good, you might have the next WhatsApp.

Adapt & Enhance

Survival of the fittest. The most adaptable ones will come out on top. It isn’t considered stealing if you provide a better solution. Mobile applications should enhance a smartphone user’s experience. Start jotting down everything that you find lacking with your app experience (in short; appsperience). Adapt and enhance, and you just might come out on the top of “the best apps of all time” lists.

Write it Down, Turn Around, Sit on a Mound

Mobile app developers are already working on the next big thing. Android and iOs app store are blooming, and every day you can find new apps that you never even thought you’d need in your life. But, now that they exist, you cannot do without them.

Take a deep breath. It helps some people. Find a mound, a flat rock, a place on the beach, or the comfort of your living space, and sit down. Meditate. It should help clear your mind. Today, even science is backing this fact up. You might think this isn’t your way, and that is fine, but it isn’t the craziest idea out there. Many people gave birth to great ideas once they caught a good breather.

Keep a journal. Write down all of your ideas. Perhaps you already had a million-dollar idea, and now it escapes your grasp, forever out of your reach, only because you thought to yourself “I’ll remember it later.”

At the End of an Appventure

Developing an app is a serious business, one which we do not take lightly. Times are changing, and apps are evolving. So far, there is no end to what you can build.
If you think you have what it takes to blaze a trail, contact us, and let us together build towards a better, applicious future.

Do not fret if your time hasn’t come yet – share us your ideas below, and we can discuss it together!

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