Gauss Development is a Clutch Top Google App Consultant

Monday, 15 March, 2021

“We are proud to be named one of the Top B2B Software Development Firms and to receive a Clutch award!”

Overwhelmed by the nooks and crannies of software designs?

Get your programs ready for software competition with Gauss Development, now crowned as a Top Google App Engine Consultant on the leading B2B rating and reviews company, Clutch. 

From consultations, to website and e-commerce development, we have helped companies create full-service designs with more than 75 creative and engaged employees serving global markets. We are proud to add this recognition to our list of awards thanks to Clutch’s intricate criteria, even as over half a million buyers and sellers of services join its B2B platform each month. 

“We are proud to be named one of the Top B2B Software Development Firms and to receive a Clutch award!” 

– Ivan Lozancic, CEO of Gauss LTD

Clutch is an established platform in Washington, DC that helps small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses like ours to identify and connect with service providers they need to achieve their unique goals. The website is well-known for putting emphasis on in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders that businesses can access for free. 

This award inspires us to keep promoting effective communication through design with understanding of each client’s unique needs, even as they expand their own businesses. 

“Their speed, simplicity, and a maintenance-free solution really impressed us.”

In Center Alata’s 4.5 star review, the company commended us for being the only consultant to fix their internal processes after an overwhelming increase of sales. We’re still collaborating with the company by providing suggestions on how to solve similar problems.

May Clutch continue to motivate us in creating more solutions for our customers. Check our website to know what we can design for you!

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