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Wednesday, 28 June, 2017

“By implementing the Gauss Box CRM software solution in our company, we’ve improved relationships with existing customers, and we can finally systematise and better track new sales opportunities that are extremely important to us. We automated individual business processes, saved time in procedures, and ensured the availability of relevant information to employees at all times. I am satisfied with the improvements so far, and I believe we will achieve even better results over time.”

Milan Puvača, Ofir Ltd., Director

Gauss Box can help your business grow

Gauss Box will launch your business into the sky.

Excuse me, Which Way to the Future?

The most commonly asked question to business owners is how will a successful business look like in the future. What will it take to keep customers satisfied? To summon a vision of the future, you need to understand how companies are going to operate in the years to come. Every person owning a business knows that there is no rest or quiet periods. You always need to think ahead, to think about tomorrow. And that is why we have developed a custom CRM software solution.

The answer about the future lies in digitalization and mobility. A constant stream of data and information is crucial. For accomplishing this, it is necessary to abandon traditional operating models which hamper your business and adopt new, modern ones. Successful changes require long-term thinking, the right strategy, considered and controlled risk, and confidence to step out of your comfort zone. It sounds scary, but when did great things happen without taking a brave, bold step forward?

Future of the business is in digitalisation

Where to?

Changes are (not) Welcome?

In our private lives, we are all open for novelties and technologies that will simplify and fasten our life, and improve its quality. We love to explore and try new things. Why is this trend so hard to apply to the business as well? Why is changing standard operating procedures and learning to use new tools so repellent?

People in business seem to be scared of new things. They are closed and reject anything that brings change as a consequence. “It requires too much time. Employees will not successfully manage this new way of work. Adaptation time will bring me losses.” And hundred other excuses.

Changing that mindset is challenging. To make business owners look a little bit further into the future, to summarise all the benefits that replacing old technologies with new ones brings, takes time and motivation.

Business is not an isolated part of the 21st-century changes. It needs to keep up and provide users with everything that they might want in the future. Substituting old technologies with new ones is a relatively small shift in comparison with the success that it will bring in the digital age. First, understand that, and then act on it.

Gauss Box brings you the future - digitalisation of businesses.

How about some digitalization?

Gauss Box – a Custom CRM Software Solution

Gauss Box CRM software solution is a complete tool for sales, document management, marketing activities, and organisation of sales teams. It is a powerful business instrument that ensures organisation and simplification of all the processes a business is going through while transitioning to a digital system. Since it provides you with all the possible information in the palm of your hand, you are guaranteed to stay familiar with a business and all its changes. Gauss Box ensures your business on the go is secure and stable.

This CRM software solution enables managing sales operations and customer relationship by adapting to the needs of every user with its advanced features.

By using Gauss Box, you can create a unique customer base, monitor key sales activities, note personalised offers, manage marketing campaigns, organise your sales teams, build efficient document archive, track analysis, results and activities.

Gauss Box is a product that contains four packages tailored to the needs of different users – Sales Box, Doc Box, Connection Box, and Premium Box. These packages work separately or in a single package combination.

By creating Gauss Box CRM software solution, we wanted to offer a straightforward and intuitive path for everyone who would like to have a strong presence in a modern business age.

Gauss Box will successfully digitalize your business.

Pick your brick from Gauss Box and build a strong business.

Sales Box

Sales Box is the Gauss Box core package which covers all the fundamental aspects of business and offers even more than that.

You can manage and organise all sales activities in a fast and straightforward way by instantly creating and tracking proposals, issuing wholesale and retail invoices.

Sales Box will ensure professional impression in every meeting by giving you the possibility to set up and send an offer via a mobile device during the said meeting, something which every customer will appreciate. Use these features to gain an edge in finalisation of sales.

Through Sales Box you have complete control over managing relations with your partners. You can add them to your list, search by PIN, and give them special offers and discounts. Also, item management is simple and intuitive. Items categorization and editing according to your business, entering normative, and combining products and services into sales packages is only a piece of the puzzle.

To make things easier, sales analysis is always available. Oversee all sales and invoices, follow warehouse transfers, track the growth and decline of trends in sales and many other things. All the data that you record have a cloud, USB or e-mail backup, so they are safely stored. Fiscalisation and an e-invoice, automatic upgrading to a new version of the program, possibility of remote support. You have to ask yourself – is Christmas early this year?

Sales Box takes care about your sales activities.

Always be ready to seal the sale.

Doc Box

A significant part of every business is managing documentation. If there is an organisation in document management system, then the whole business system will be organised too. If this is what your business needs, we have a solution called Doc Box.

Doc Box is a module of Gauss Box CRM software solution that will make your business more mobile, accurate, precise, and prompt. Why? Because there are no problems with documentation, it is clear and available at any time and to everyone. This system is a connection between entrepreneurs, field employees, and subsidiaries with accounting and back office.

With Doc Box every document is trackable. You can connect it easily with an employee or company that sent it. When reviewing a document, there is a clear and structured display of all comments, authorisations, and remarks that have been done on the document.

Processing and document authorization go through transparent tabulation and graphical overview of a document’s location, added comments, statuses, and responsible people.

The client has the possibility to always see changes for documents on hold, the ones that need processing and editing, as well as the ones which are brought back for re-processing, amendment, rejection or other actions.

Doc Box will make sure that all of the necessary documentation is ready and available to your employees and clients. Make life simpler to them; they will be grateful!

Doc Box takes care of efficient documentation management.

Refresh your typing skills, digitalization is in!

Connection Box

When you go to McDonald’s, how often do you eat a hamburger without french fries? And, do you like to drink coke afterwards? You can’t have one without another, ‘love and marriage’ taught us that. Combo deals are the best ones, so we’ve developed Connection Box.

It contains Sales Box and Doc Box, which forms a powerful tool for optimisation and improvement of business activities. Access on the go and simplicity of use make Connection Box a jackpot in the digital, mobile business.

It provides a clear image of sales and the most valuable company assets and customer portfolios. All the complex situations which require a coordination of multiple departments like resolving complaints, project sales or fulfilment of projects can be easily managed.

The clear insight of realised contacts, sent offers and invoices, together with set goals on a weekly or monthly basis is available through the dashboard.

It is easy to fulfil new sales opportunities, manage new customers, assign people for particular clients and processes, create and manipulate with unified documents.

In Sales Funnel, all that vast amount of data is structurally displayed. Simple shifts change the overview through categories so that that customer processing can be fast. Reports on sales opportunities are generated through activities, so there is no need for additional manual analysis.

It is important to successfully supervise and process new sales opportunities, manage new customers, create and manipulate with unified documents, appoint responsible people for customers and processes. That is why firm lead management is vital.

Also, via Connection Box, you can create and manage your personalised sales and marketing campaigns.

This module is something that will certainly satisfy even the most demanding businesses. Don’t be afraid to reach out for it!

Connection Box is a bridge between Sales and Doc Box.

Connection Box – a bridge between Sales Box and Doc Box.

Premium Box

With all the technical things resolved, there is still the need to take care of customers. Premium Box gives a detailed analytics and a deeper understanding of their needs.

Premium Box features Sales, Doc and Connection Box with the added benefit of complete control over the digital marketing with an intuitive interface. With Premium Box, enterprises can monitor and organise all business activities smoothly.

Complete management of social networks and marketing campaigns give more room to focus on business intelligence and targeted sales activities.

Business intelligence track all key business indicators. With Premium Box, you have actual data on sales, marketing figures, and speed of processing documents. All the useful reports will provide you great inside data about your business to help in your growth.

Track efficiency of your campaigns and digital marketing, get a clearer image of its effects through an increase in the quantity of visitor on your pages, or specific sales figures. Connect with digital advertising channels (social networks, portals) and monitor internet campaigns.

Many business aspects can make you highly successful. With Premium Box, you have the ability to track them equally and always to be ready to react in just the right way.

Premium Box is a complete tool for digitalizing businesses.

Treat yourself every now and then with something Premium.


Customers always strive for more and better because of all the benefits that our age offers. Services are fast, swift, immaculate. Competition in every business branch is huge. You need to cut the time spent on administrative problems to shift the focus on more lucrative things.

With Gauss Box CRM software solution, you will more easily handle sales, documentation, marketing activities and organisation of sales teams.

Benefits are numerous, and adaptation time is short because every module is simple to use. Gauss Box guarantees a successful switch to a digital business world.

The era of digitalization has arrived, and it brought opportunities to promote your business to a new level – a level that will provide more success, revenue, and a higher customer satisfaction. Don’t wait anymore, step into the new age of digitalization, and let Gauss Box support you.

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