Development of an expert system for managing the production and processing of food products

Thursday, 25 February, 2021

Basic information about the project


Title: Development of an expert system for managing the production and processing of food products (Project code: KK.

Project title: Development of an expert system for food production and processing management (ESIA – Expert System for Intelligent Agriculture)

Applicant: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technologies Osijek

Project partner: Gauss d.o.o. for IT and marketing services, Vukovar


Total value: HRK 8,767,001.53

EU co-financing of the project: HRK 6,099,667.51

Implementation period: 21.12.2020. – 21.12.2023. (36 months)

Project leader: Prof.D.Sc., Snježana Rimac Drlje


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Project goal

The aim of the project is to develop an expert system in cooperation with the scientific community, IT companies, and the agricultural sector. The system will be the basis for developing technological solutions for intelligent production based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to make timely decisions in the production and processing of crops in closed, controlled conditions.

Accordingly, the specific objectives of the project are:

  1. a) Development of an expert system that will enable the development of technological solutions for managing the production and processing of food products
  2. b) Technology transfer between the research organization and the partner
  3. c) Dissemination of research and development results
  4. d) Protection of intellectual property arising from research and development.



The success of growing individual crops depends to a greater or lesser extent on external factors related to climatic and atmospheric conditions, soil composition, humidity, light intensity, etc., as well as the specifics of each crop and its resistance and ability to adapt to external conditions of the usual. Given the significant climate and weather disasters faced by farmers in recent years and the growing population that creates increased demand for food, future agricultural production should develop towards introducing new technologies and improved production conditions indoors.

One of the increasingly common trends in the improvement of agricultural production is the smart agriculture principle, which implies the introduction of advanced information and communication technologies in agricultural production to more precise and efficient use of resources. Implementing technology solutions based on the Internet of Things principles, networking different devices and people, and analyzing big data can help farmers produce higher yields with minor damage to crops and fewer inputs such as water, fuel, and fertilizer.

In Croatia, the implementation of the mentioned types of technological solutions is very poorly represented.

The problem often stems from the lack of a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving in the application of smart agriculture principles. While farmers do not have the appropriate IT knowledge, nor are they always able to keep up with the latest technological trends, IT experts, on the other hand, do not have enough knowledge in the field of agronomy to embark on the development of appropriate innovative solutions.

For this reason, specialization of knowledge and skills is needed because the principles of automation, digitization, and robotization applied to industrial processes are not applicable or are more challenging to apply in agricultural production and processing of agricultural products.

This project will establish the possibility of applying IT solutions, in this case, a specialized expert system, in the automation of the production process of those agricultural products that are produced in closed (controlled) conditions.

Project research background

The development of an expert system as a result of this project will create basic technological assumptions and guidelines for the development of IT solutions intended for the improvement of the production process indoors with the following possibilities:


Project description

The project will enable the development of an expert system that will consider all the determinants important for the development of future technological solutions and their application in smart food production based on the Internet of Things, the use of artificial intelligence, and digitization of communication and production procedures to make timely and correct decisions in the process of production and processing of crops.

The introduction of advanced information technologies in the production of food products is motivated on the one hand by increasing yields per unit area and, on the other hand, by optimizing the resources used in production while maintaining the qualitative specifics of each crop. Consequently, increasing the amount of yield and/or product quality will significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of production, thus on producers’ market position.

This research will focus on crops produced in closed, controlled production conditions to reduce the risk of external factors.

The aim of conducting research and development is to identify technological settings for the development of an expert system as a starting point for the development of future IT solutions that will enable more straightforward development of final technological solutions adapted to different cultures and manufacturers to monitor production, collect data, establish early warning systems. Decision on undertaking appropriate protective and/or corrective actions and automation of their execution.


Expected project results

During the project’s implementation, a system for connecting devices, automation systems, and analytical systems will be developed, including the application of neural network models, aiming to develop a system of classification and prediction from individual micro-locations.

They will develop an early warning system in wine production in wine cellars to create optimal conditions to increase their quality and quantity, ultimately resulting in significant improvements over currently available incomplete solutions.

This solution will contain a basic expert system that will be upgraded and adapted to enable the application of smart agriculture principles to other crops produced indoors (greenhouses, hothouses, tunnels, etc.) through the collection or entry of data specific to each crop.

This expert system will enable significantly more straightforward and more cost-effective development of future technological solutions for managing the production and processing of food products indoors. It will contain a basic software solution and technological guidelines for adaptation that IT developers, who usually have no experience in agricultural production, will provide insight into the logic of monitoring and managing the production and processing of food products to facilitate new custom IT development solutions.

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