Awarded for Excellence in Web Sale

Friday, 08 April, 2016

Web shop is the Web Retailer of the Year 2016. 13 other web shops won awards for excellence in web sale. 3 of our clients are among them!

Shopper’s Mind – Web Retailer of the Year 2016 is the biggest research project about online shopping in Croatia. The latest results of this research have been presented recently. There were 50 web shops in the competition, all striving for the Best Web Retailer title. Over 34 000 surveyed online shoppers decided that the title goes to the shop Also, 13 shops were awarded for excellence in web sale. We are proud to announce that three of our clients – Alternativa Webshop, Ferivi Sport, and Sonus Art, are among them.

Alternativa Webshop won the award in the category Beauty & Health, Ferivi Sport for in Sport Clothes, Footwear & Equipment, and Sonus Art in the category Audio & Video and Omni Channel Web Retailer of the year 2016. Congrats!

Excellence in Web Sale

Web Retailer of the year is a project that recognizes and awards the best business practices of online retailers. The project is based on extensive research of online shopper’s habits. The research was conducted by sMind Ltd. and Valicon agency. This year’s results (a total of 34 601 online shoppers from Croatia were surveyed) showed that 47% of respondents frequently shop online, while 1/5 of them shops regularly online. The fact that more than 1/3 of the respondents shopped online last month is definitely contributing to the trend of growth of online retail and shopping. Great news for the web retailers!

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