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Monday, 06 March, 2017

How many times have you had an idea, but could not realise it? How many times have you thought that there is only one tiny step towards perfection; that just one small piece of the puzzle was missing? Probably, many times. In software development, perfection is not far off, because everything you can remember – can be realised.

A Few Words

Uniformity speaks nothing and does nothing. Nowadays, you have to step out from the crowd in any possible way. Having a unique, fresh and different software product is possible. Websites, web shops, mobile applications and all software products can be designed on your request, bringing you the best custom software development solution. Do not satisfy with the existing, think outside of the box. Find a good business partner that will fulfil all your needs. The right software solution can change everything, on better.

Ever wondered why french fries are so salty? Because they are stuck inside a box!

Off-the-shelf Vs. Custom Made

Custom software development means designing software applications following clients’ specific requests. The custom software solution is opposite to an off-the-shelf product because it addresses client’s needs precisely to build a tailor-made solution, while for an already finished product the customer needs to find a way to fit it in. A completed and prepared software solution contains a package of software products available to a broad audience with similar needs. While an off-the-shelf product is available to everyone, custom solution means creating, designing and building especially for one’s business requirements.

An off-the-shelf solution for your dehydration problem.

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom means creating a software product tailored to a single distinct entity for only one company to use at will and benefit from it. It is not just enough to build a custom software product – building a good one is crucial. A good custom software product is a mixture of different technologies, products, and processes. Each of them has some particular function that is necessary for solving a problem. These products interact together and create one big system. However, they do not need to have anything in common: different companies might develop and maintain them, with various technologies and in a different time.

When building custom software, implementation needs, company’s infrastructure, and branding have to be a priority, so that the developed solution can work exclusively for that organisation. When you are making a decision on what kind of software product to choose, you should ask yourself if your requirements are general or specific. If they are general and you can solve all the problems with existing software, go for the already developed solution. If your needs are unique, choose to build an entirely new, custom solution.

Sometimes, it’s best to tailor your own solutions.

Advantages of Custom Software Development

In every business, cost managing is challenging. It is always questioned whether to invest in long-term solutions or to choose a less expensive, but also a less efficient approach. When it comes to software issues, build or buy is always a dilemma.

Many companies decide to purchase an off-the-shelf product, for a start. However, often, in some short time, they realise that this is not a good fit and that starting with a custom made solution would’ve been much more efficient and better for the entire business. Everyday routine is different for every single company, and these routines can be managed quickly and efficiently with a tailor-made software. In the end, a custom developed solution would pay off, and the business increase would cover the invested expenses.

If custom made software solution can provide an advantage over your competitors or if you are building a large business with the intention even to grow more, that is the situation when you should go for custom software development. There are a few advantages of a custom made software product:

Want a red boat? A blue one? We can arrange that. :)

Disadvantages of Custom Software Development

In most cases, a custom made software will better suit your companies needs. However, think twice before making a decision about building an entirely new and unique product. Smaller businesses can adapt well with an already existing software. There are several reasons to use already known solutions instead of custom made.

You can always opt out for an off-the-shelf solution. Just throw it in the cart!

How Can Custom Software Help Your Company?

It is only logical that software grows and changes with your company. If your business is dynamic, the software cannot remain static. Integrating custom made software solution can help increase your business in numerous ways.

First, it can increase the productivity of your team. A program that works primarily for your business’ needs will enable your team to work faster and more efficient. Time will not be wasted if one software program unites multiple technology platforms necessary for business flow. An integrated platform will bring efficiency because all the data is in one place, and there is no need for switching between different websites.

Second, custom made software product gives you an advantage over the competition. By designing tailor-made solution just for you and your business, it is easy to step out and be a leader in your area. If using the same off-the-shelf product as your competition, there is nothing that sets you apart from them. Invest in advantage and cherish it.

Third, when technologies are changing, you need to keep up with them. If you have a team of experts that maintain your software, this will be easy. The reaction time is faster, and when your business needs change, or your industry evolves, it will be simple to catch up. Quick shifting technology strategies can make the difference in market dominance.


Speaking of custom software development, it is a frequent and justified dilemma whether to purchase a from-the-shelf product or to build one from the start. Despite spending all the money and time, a custom software solution is something that is worth investment. If your business has the intention to spread and grow, and your operational requirements are specific, think about a custom solution. It will fulfil your organisational needs and improve user workflow.

Custom software product specifically tailored to your company’s needs will focus on efficiency and scalability. As a result, it will help you make a difference in the market, to gain a competitive advantage and expand your business. Remember, investing in custom solution means investing in the future.

Pick your own path. ;)

Ana Lozančić

Ana is a content Marketing specialist and blogger. She graduated in Faculty of humanities and social sciences. She enjoys learning and applying knowledge about marketing and social media, covering latest trends and topics about software development subjects.

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