Magic Configurator

Friday, 19 December, 2014

The popularity of online shopping personalized custom print T-shirts has already been discussed. Amazingly, the popularity of this type of Configurator does not decrease, in fact, it’s growing even more!

The Magic Configurator

While surfing the internet, you probably get a bunch of pop-up ads for buying T-shirts with your own custom print. In most cases, you won’t find the print you imagined. Luckily, we have designed a special Configurator for printing T-shirts (and anything else you can imagine!) We hope it will satisfy the market and that our client’s sales will increase. We call it the “Magic Configurator”! Explore its possibilities and find out why…

Configurator characteristics

The “click & print” option – Configurator directly generates everything for the print, e.g. if you have a plush, Configurator can separate it in a special Corel file, and if you have a photo, you will get it as a .png.

Whatever you create, it is not only a preview – it‘s “print ready”. This means that when you design something it is not just a display of how it might look, you will get exactly what you want.

Users will get everything necessary for printing on T-shirts, while admin does not have to do anything except physically put a T-shirt into the machine.

The possibility of “recording design” allows you to generate designs, e.g. a player’s jersey. Once the design is created, users can record it and then make ten copies of the jersey with a different surname on the back.

You can also share the recorded design via social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.), send it to a friend or buy something you already designed.

We have described our custom software “Magic Configurator” (for the German market and invite you to try it out and create your own print!

Sanja Radić

Sanja is a Project Manager. She graduated in Faculty of Economics in Osijek, specialized in Business Informatics. She loves social media, new technologies, journalism, blogging and travel.

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