The (not so) Secret Relationship Between Software Testers and Developers

In this digital era that we live in, everything is online. We can do anything we want because of those beautiful people who allowed us to “get lazy”. Those people are Software Developers and Testers, who made our user experience much more enjoyable and smoother.

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Enhance Your Frontend Workflow Using Sass Source Maps

In this post, we will try to explain how to solve one of the main flaws of using stylesheet languages (in our case Sass): native browser support which, at the current state, can read only CSS stylesheet files.

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Securing WordPress with Fail2ban

WordPress is a great platform but people often use trivial passwords such as “password123” or “John123” etc. By using dictionary or brute force attacks it is possible to discover chosen password, but then it is already too late. That is why we’ve decided to write this post on securing WordPress with Fail2ban.

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Fail2ban and Unwanted Robots, Crawlers and Spiders

Besides server attacks, there are some other actions you don’t want to encounter. For example, you may not want any bots other than the Google’s to crawl your site. Robots.txt should advise crawlers what parts of a website to crawl. There are different types of bots that crawl the web.

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Basic Server Protection

Basic server protection suggestions that will enhance the security of your server. The more you can implement, the more secure your server will be. We’ve implemented on Ubuntu but it is applicable to most other Linux-based operating systems.

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Magic Configurator

The popularity of online shopping personalized custom print T-shirts has already been discussed. Amazingly, the popularity of this type of Configurator does not decrease, in fact, it’s growing even more!

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Newscoop – modern online platform for traditional media

Newscoop is a free online platform for traditional media that can be used for private and business purposes. It can be modified to meet customer’s needs and is very easy to use.

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Saving two content types

Saving two content types with entity reference in one form

The solution is to add fields from one content type to node form of another, but you should save them as separate nodes using hook_form_alter() and hook_node_insert(). To achieve this, you will have to create two content types.

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