Guerilla testing - ad hoc Usability testing

Guerilla Testing – Ad Hoc Usability Testing

Is there anyone in this whole wide world who is not familiar with the importance of software testing and all benefits that software testing brings?
Today, it is simply unimaginable to release a product without thoroughly testing it. The risk is too high.

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A/B testing tests user experience

User Experience Testing – The Heart of A/B Testing

You are satisfied with your website. The traffic is great, the business smooth. But, that demon on your shoulder refuses to leave you alone, constantly reminding you that more optimisation won’t hurt. Is the devil right? Learn with us how to get rid of the testing devil.

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How to Learn Software Testing More Easily

Boredom is the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. A feeling that people often experience when something they do becomes repetitive. How do we get rid of boredom? What do we do when boredom catches us at the wrong time, during working hours? Or, even worse, what to do when our job itself becomes uninteresting and not challenging?

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Explain software quality assurance in traditional and Agile approach to development and testing

Tale of Traditional and Agile Software Development

Modern times, modern people, modern clothes, modern technology… what about modern software development industry? Yes, there are a lot more meanings for the word modern than you can think of! Everything around us evolves, changes, improves. People that work in the IT industry are very well aware of that.

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Agile testing by software testing definition

The Curious Case of Agile Testing

In today’s busy world, everything needs to be better, faster, more quality and easier to use. That is why a revolution, like everywhere, is happening in software testing too. How to keep up? How to be better, faster and more efficient?

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White Box Testing and Black Box Testing

On a daily basis, people interact with different variations of software. Using applications on smartphones, some desktop application or approaching a certain web page through the browser – it is all software usage. Behind every software, there are several series of software testing.

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The Differences Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Whether you are in food, shoes or IT industry, you know that quality is the most important factor that your customers will appreciate. Speaking of the IT sector, since you are familiar with Quality Assurance and Quality Control terms, how much exactly do you know?

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The Battle of the Superheroes – Desktop Vs Web Application Testing

A quality application cannot be assured without professional application testing performed by the superhero team named Software Testers. Application testing is a process of application evaluation by looking for any possible errors that could cause a breakdown.

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Skills of a Good Software Tester

Today, software development is growing rapidly, and the software testing industry too. Many people have decided to pursue a career in software testing, because of all the possibilities, advancements and learning opportunities.

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Mobile Testing Challenges in 2017

The Digital Era has arrived. Nowadays, everyone is using their smartphones to find the bits of information that they actively seek. That is why we are not even surprised that Mobile Applications have experienced an enormous growth in the last decade. However, before launching a new Application, it is necessary to do every possible step to prevent any potential errors.

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Mobile App Testing

Times are changing, and people do not use mobile phones anymore just to make a call or text somebody. Today, it is an indispensable item of every teenager and adult. Mobile devices are our window to the world. If you own a smartphone or an another mobile device, you probably use applications, even if you do not know you do.

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Manual and Automation Testing

People make mistakes. Developers also. Some of the mistakes are negligible, but some of them are important and expensive. When it comes to software development, everything needs to be double checked because things can always go wrong. That is why testing plays a significant part of software development process.

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