Ui and UX design

UI and UX Design – What’s the Difference?

More and more frequently, you can hear people talking about UX and UI. Do you ever wonder, are everybody sure what are they discussing about? Is it clear what exactly is UX, and what UI? And more important – what’s the difference between UI and UX Design?

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Importance of user experience

Importance of User Experience

Importance of user experience is often overlooked in the whole design process. Visual design is mostly taking the primate, and it is clear why. It’s what people see first when they land on your web or download the mobile app. And that directly influence how customers think of your company. What can be more important?

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Color psychology in Web design

Color Psychology In Web Design

Choosing colors for the website is a very tricky task. There are so many tips to follow. Don’t overthink. Don’t underthink. Consider your brand’s story and identity. Think about gender, age and location of your audience. Learn everything about colors and their meaning. Which ones will attract, which will turn down people? Hit the sweet spot by combining complementary colors, and so on.

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Importance of Creative Design in Mobile Apps

We already spoke about mobile apps, their appearance and path to the heart of every smartphone user. Today, we will discuss how does the look of mobile app affect on people. It is important not only to have quality and fluid app but visually appealing too. The whole package, as we would say.

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The Three Accents of a Design Language

How much do you know about the different schools of design? Designers use something called design language to convey visual messages, such as symbols for app icons, and the layout of user interfaces. You can find more about the accents of that language in this article.

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Types of Design Seen in IT Industry

Design, like fruits, comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. Green and big, reddish and teeny, a design springs to life when you let artistry loose. Still, we can put both the designs and the designers in separate, yet still possible to combine groups. The first of many is graphic, closely followed by UX and UI design. Last, but not least is what we today call the web design. If you are still interested in what the differences are, and where do the tangents lie, follow these words until you come to the end of the line.

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How do clients perceive a web designer?

A web designer is a specialist who designs websites by creating an image of the company in the “virtual” but very real world. Creating a client’s identity for presentation on the Internet, the design of concepts, visual identities are demanding tasks for every designer.

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