Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce

Comprehending commerce in this century can get quite confusing. As the native dwellers of the Blue Planet, we have been here a long time, long in comparison to our somewhat short lifespan. To completely understand what e-commerce is, we should first start prodding around its roots.

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Rebranding strategy is complex process of revitalising your brand identity

Rebranding Strategy for Business Success

People love to look good and feel attractive. We invest in ourselves in hope to establish relationships with other people, to be someone they want to spend time with. No one in this whole wide world will tell otherwise. Maybe they will, but deep down inside we are all made of same matter, and we are exposed – we like to be liked.

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The Five Beasts of Internet Marketing Strategies

Learn more about the top five internet marketing strategies. Whether you want to boost sales, increase traffic or just get out there, you have options. Content, social media, email, search engine and conversion marketing are all you need to kick start your business. Sometimes, not even all of them.

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An IT Consultant

Importance of an IT Consulting Company

Picking up just the right software solution is similar to women finding the right dress for an occasion. She can have hundreds of them, but none is a perfect fit for that exact occasion. In software development, there are many different platforms, programming languages and possible solutions that we can drown in them. It’s hard to know what opportunities you can use if there is no one to guide you.

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Work at Home: Advantages vs. Disadvantages + Tips

Today, it‘s not unusual for employees to work at home, out of their own, warm comforts. Some branches do not have this privilege, but (almost) every Internet and software company does – and Gauss is no exception.

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The Advantages of Online Stores in the Festive Time

Save money and avoid stress in the holiday madness shopping. Buy online, it’s easier and faster. The festive shopping madness is coming soon (and all of the problems it brings). We will try to present the advantages of online shopping to help you save time and money.

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Google does not recognize me, what should I do?

Recently we were contacted by a client for whom we created a web shop less than six months ago. He said that his web shop wasn’t showing up in first few pages of search results on Google. Find out why…

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Magento optimization

This is a broad topic and every situation is unique so it is impossible to cover everything.We will try to mention a few common problems and tips for most of them.

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Internet as Business Platform in 21st Century – Why You Need a Good Website?

What you need to consider prior to building your website? What is important when building your internet business platform

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