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What You Need to Know About Progressive Web Apps

Websites were among the first on the web. Then came the apps and took a piece of the pie. Are there any pieces of the pie left for the new, progressive web apps? With its features and benefits, we really do hope so. They are the future of apps.

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Explain software quality assurance in traditional and Agile approach to development and testing

Tale of Traditional and Agile Software Development

Modern times, modern people, modern clothes, modern technology… what about modern software development industry? Yes, there are a lot more meanings for the word modern than you can think of! Everything around us evolves, changes, improves. People that work in the IT industry are very well aware of that.

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The Five Beasts of Internet Marketing Strategies

Learn more about the top five internet marketing strategies. Whether you want to boost sales, increase traffic or just get out there, you have options. Content, social media, email, search engine and conversion marketing are all you need to kick start your business. Sometimes, not even all of them.

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Agile testing by software testing definition

The Curious Case of Agile Testing

In today’s busy world, everything needs to be better, faster, more quality and easier to use. That is why a revolution, like everywhere, is happening in software testing too. How to keep up? How to be better, faster and more efficient?

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Phones for Ecommerce

Benefits of E-Commerce Psychology

Emotions and feelings are fickle things of human nature. They make us laugh and weep, feel fear but they also inspire us to move ever onward as integral parts of our decision-making. With the rising number of e-commerce benefits, a question likewise arises – how can you let your customers feel your product?

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An IT Consultant

Importance of an IT Consulting Company

Picking up just the right software solution is similar to women finding the right dress for an occasion. She can have hundreds of them, but none is a perfect fit for that exact occasion. In software development, there are many different platforms, programming languages and possible solutions that we can drown in them. It’s hard to know what opportunities you can use if there is no one to guide you.

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The Victorious Voice of Women in IT Industry

People around the globe celebrate the month of March as Women’s History Month. During this period, on March 8, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. For that occasion alone, we have prepared an article to honour the history of all women and to promote our fight for equality.

Happy Women’s Day from the whole of Gauss!

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Custom Software Development – Step to Perfection

How many times have you had an idea, but could not realise it? How many times have you thought that there is only one tiny step towards perfection; that just one small piece of the puzzle was missing? Probably, many times. In software development, perfection is not far off, because everything you can remember – can be realised.

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To Migrate or Not to Migrate to Magento 2

When it gets cold enough, birds migrate. When a ship sinks, rats abandon it. Is Magento 1 cold enough, is it sinking yet? Time to reevaluate your stores, webmasters.

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Our Developer Triumphs Smoothly Over Unity

This year, we at Gauss Development played our part in an unfolding saga of video gaming’s history. Our colleague Josip Pavić earned his certificate and became a Unity Certified Developer. See what he has to say about his role in the making of gaming’s history.

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