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Ui and UX design

UI and UX Design – What’s the Difference?

More and more frequently, you can hear people talking about UX and UI. Do you ever wonder, are everybody sure what are they discussing about? Is it clear what exactly is UX, and what UI? And more important – what’s the difference between UI and UX Design?

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benefits of remote work

Remote Work Benefits vs. Office Work Benefits

Are you more comfortable wearing pants or pyjamas? Shoes of slippers? Do you like better your chair at home or work? Is coffee tastier from home or office cup? Nowadays, answers to these and many similar questions will participate in creating a picture of your dream job.

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Importance of user experience

Importance of User Experience

Importance of user experience is often overlooked in the whole design process. Visual design is mostly taking the primate, and it is clear why. It’s what people see first when they land on your web or download the mobile app. And that directly influence how customers think of your company. What can be more important?

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Color psychology in Web design

Color Psychology In Web Design

Choosing colors for the website is a very tricky task. There are so many tips to follow. Don’t overthink. Don’t underthink. Consider your brand’s story and identity. Think about gender, age and location of your audience. Learn everything about colors and their meaning. Which ones will attract, which will turn down people? Hit the sweet spot by combining complementary colors, and so on.

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What is Twilio

What is Twilio And Why Your Business Needs It?

The way businesses communicate with customers is a crucial element for success. For many years, there was a struggle how to be efficient in communication with customers and satisfy them. 

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Guerilla testing - ad hoc Usability testing

Guerilla Testing – Ad Hoc Usability Testing

Is there anyone in this whole wide world who is not familiar with the importance of software testing and all benefits that software testing brings?
Today, it is simply unimaginable to release a product without thoroughly testing it. The risk is too high.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce

Comprehending commerce in this century can get quite confusing. As the native dwellers of the Blue Planet, we have been here a long time, long in comparison to our somewhat short lifespan. To completely understand what e-commerce is, we should first start prodding around its roots.

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Holographic Smartphone – All We Know About It

You may have never heard of RED before, but you are definitely familiar with the quality of their products. Did you watch the latest Transformers? The Martian? Any episode of House of Cards? All of them have been recorded with the famous RED cinema cameras. The newest thing from their factory is a holographic smartphone.

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Touch gestures in mobile apps

Touch Gestures in Mobile Apps

Maybe not completely aware of it, but on a daily basis, we use a dozen types of gestures to interact with touchscreen devices.
For many people, gestures are natural, intuitive and around us since always. But, when did they first appeared? Why is this phenomenon so widespread? What’s the logic behind it?
Here, we’ll try to summarise the whole story about touch gestures.


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