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Tuesday, 29 August, 2017

Mastering means to understand deeply and control something fully. It means that along with the statistic and theory of some matter, you know all of the hidden “whys” behind numbers and words. Think about it, would Samwell Tarly ever cured ser Jorah if he didn’t dig down deep and mastered Greyscale? Well, we will not talk about mastering fantasy diseases here, but about mastering mobile apps – we will.

Mastering mobile apps with appsee

Growth Hacking – Cliche or Not?

With this huge number of mobile app users today, and the amount of their time spent in apps, brands and retailers are on the right track investing in creating apps that are engaging. It is necessary to have something that no one else has; to experiment and find the most efficient and unique way to grow your business. But, let’s be honest, growth hacking is a term that has become a cliche nowadays. It is time for something truly new.

When it comes to mobile apps, pure downloading should not be anymore the main and only focus. Remember, even if a lot of people download your app, there is still a chance that a vast majority will abandon it within 24 hours. Think about ones who will remain, and make sure that they really enjoy using your app. In other words, ensure excellent user experience.

The question is, how to accurately know what users like and dislike in your app? Of course – time, data collecting and analysing will play a major role. Few mobile app analytics platform can be used to track various user-engagement metrics. But, we will single out and talk about Appsee. It is a revolutionary analytics platform that provides a new method of growth hacking – qualitative analytics. Let’s see will Appsee crush this cliche down.

Growth hacking is not just a cliche

Don’t be such a cliche!

Analytics Platform for Understanding Your Mobile App Users

Appsee is a real-time mobile app analytics platform for iOS and Android. Appsee enables app owners to put themselves in the user’s shoes to see and understand exactly how they interact with the app.

The very essence of this analytics platform is to help companies deeply understand their users and how are they using their app. When they do understand, it is possible to bring their app to perfection. Utilizing Appsee will help you to improve UX which will result in increased conversions, user engagement and in-app monetization.

Users will shape your mobile app.

How Does Appsee Work?

Appsee consists of a client-side SDK and web dashboard. After integrating SDK into your app, you will be able to see all tracked data through web dashboard. Integrating Appsee SDK into the app is not demanding, it requires adding only a single line of code.

Once Appsee is active, it will not affect your users, or be noticeable in any way. The recording process happens in the background because of Appsee’s lightweight SDK.

With this analytics platform, all of the collected information will show on the dashboard in real time. Sessions and video recordings will appear immediately after the session finishes. Also, you can choose to limit recording sessions based on different parameters – user’s mobile device, screens they visit, demographics, etc.

There are numerous benefits and opportunities that are available in a free trial that Appsee offers.

See the Full Picture

Let’s return to qualitative analytics. The difference between traditional analytics and the Appsee analytics platform is that besides of numbers and statistics, Appsee provides reasons behind them.

Qualitative analytics runs parallel with quantitative analytics and actually complements it, giving you the possibility to see the full picture about how people use your app. Quantitative analytics will show you metrics that are countable. Qualitative analytics will provide you with the data that can’t be defined by numbers. For example, quantitative analysis will tell you that 20% of users dropped off a particular funnel, and qualitative will inform you that those users encountered a flawed navigation button. Hence, you will know what to do to fix that problem.

All these valuable information are available because of Appsee’s features, such as touch heatmaps and recording user interactions. Those features allow you to understand which elements of your app are problematic to users, and to detect reasons why they might abandon it. All of this data would not be possible to collect from beta testers or focus groups, so utilising Appsee is worth to consider to shape future versions of your app.

Appsee will provide answers behind statistics

What’s inside matters.

Appsee Features

Recording Users Interactions

It is clear that people will not always use your app in the way you intend them to. That can confuse the users, and bring negative impact on your app and business in general. If you don’t know what users think about your app, and in which exact spots they have troubles, you won’t be able to fix problems and create a new version that will bring better user experience.

The greatest solution would be actually to look how people are using your app. And with Appsee, that is possible. Recording users interactions is a feature that enables you to watch user session recordings in real time. It will give the most accurate and complete picture of each user’s in-app experience.

When and why is my app crashing? Why do users abandon the registration process or quit my app and never return? Why users don’t complete account registration or in-app purchase? These and similar questions will be no issue to you anymore. Being able to repeat exact steps that your user took means that you can drill down to the heart of the problem.

Touch Heatmaps

Touch heatmaps is a unique feature that can track every interaction the user made with your app. It visualises every user’s gesture like tapping, swiping, scrolling or pinching. After tracking, it aggregates all those interactions into a visual touch heatmap. With heatmaps, you will be able to understand which parts of every screen are getting most, and which the least of users attention, so it is clear which parts of the app you should leave, and which remove.

This feature uses colour-coding, it adds a layer to app’s screens, where red dots represent most commonly used parts of the app, and the blue ones the exact opposite.

Touch heatmaps can spot unresponsive gestures that severely hurt user experience and lead to abandoning app. Are there any user interface elements that don’t feel intuitive, which parts of screens users find most interesting, which parts could go under A/B testing – answers to all of these questions offers this feature.

Real-time In-app Analytics

Real-time in-app analytics will enable you to dive deep into the crucial data that will inform your decision-making. Appsees accurate and precise information will not take a lot of your time because all reports are visual and easy to understand. With these in-app analytics reports, you will be able to know where users spend most of their time in the app, what is user flow between screens, which screens are problematic, where is the highest quit rate, etc.

Conversion Funnels

Conversion funnels are a great way to understand the effectiveness of the different processes within your app. Measure their conversion rates and find out the reasons for the success or failure for each of them. Watch video recordings of users completing or not completing some process, see the average completion time for each step of some process. Appsee will automatically track all in-app user actions, so creating ad-hoc funnels even after your version release is possible.

Automatic Event Tagging

Automatic event tagging will automatically detect all users actions in your app. There is no need to pre-define events which might interest you. Appsee will track all activities and stream data into a dashboard.

Action Cohorts

Action cohorts give you valuable information on how one action relates to another. Using this feature, you can see when the user started using the first action, and when shifted to other action. With this feature, gain powerful information about user behaviour between two actions.

Crash Reporting

Crash reporting detects crashed sessions automatically and provides video recordings of that process. With Appsee, you can track the exact sequence of steps that lead to the crash, and there is no need to re-create the issue. Also, similar crash problems will be group together, so you can better understand the impact of every crash issue.

Realtime Alerts

Realtime alerts enable you to be instantly notified of any metric change. You can be alerted via different channels (e-mail, SMS, slack…) about different things (crash alerts, retention and engagement alerts etc.)

Retention Analytics

Retention analytics will show you how many new users you have, how many never returned, and how many returned the next day. See also the frequency of their sessions and the average time between them. Appsee will aggregate groups of users who started using the app in a defined time frame and show you how many of them dropped off and when they did so.

Users Flow

Users flow feature gives you a big picture of how users are navigating within your app. Check where the majority of your users are making their way between different screens. Check specific screen to get relevant statistics such as the number of impressions, sessions, and the inbound or outbound screens that relate to it, and watch videos of users on that particular screen.

Navigation Paths

Navigation paths allow you to understand the journey users take through your app visually. You can take any screen and put it at the centre of your analysis. See where exactly users continue on their journey from that screen. You’ll be able to quickly understand and isolate any user’s journey through your app. With a few clicks, you’ll get a better understanding of the navigation paths your users take, and how you can improve them.

Remote Configuration

The remote configuration enables to control the ratio of sessions being recorded and monitor the upload policy of video recordings. You can choose to record sessions in which a specific screen was visited, sessions that contained a certain event, register users according to their usage history, record users from a specific country or choose to record specific devices or versions.


Appsee, a real-time in-app analytics platform tracks and measures mobile app user behaviour to collect data and help app publishers to adapt their business strategy and bring excellent user experience.

This analytics platform is full of amazing features that detect app screens and records every gesture that user makes in the app. After that, all the data are displayed in clear visual reports. Knowing how exactly your app is interacted with, and noticing any problems user might face, you gain a significant advantage by fixing crucial and critical spots in your app.

To know what went wrong and what needs to fix, it is necessary to understand why the certain problem occurs. A fresh approach through qualitative analytics could throw a new light on and help you to achieve perfection in your mobile app. The combination of quantitative and qualitative analytics can help you increase the number of downloads, and more significant — the number of active users. And that is a path to success!

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