Lominy (London – Milano – New York) is trendy, multilingual, community-based fashion app, intended for sharing outfit styles anywhere and anytime, to get opinions and fashion advice.

Dressing well can make a powerful impression in any occasion and give confidence. To shorten the need of spending hours in mixing and matching outfits and agonizing over the ‘what to wear’ question users can ask other users for the opinions, advice or simple comments.


After capturing pictures of themselves in their outfits, or selecting one from the device’s memory, users can make photo posts with brief description and location info. They can choose between a range of different layouts to accommodate multiple or just single picture for the post. The post can be additionally customized with adding emojis, description and brand tags to a photo.

These posts can be displayed in three types of „Social Wall”: public, closed groups or user followers. Posting from the store or in front of home closet users get instant feedback on their style, from groups or individuals they choose.

Users can invite friends from Facebook or contacts, view or follow other user’s profiles, have their own follower and groups, read blogs posts by admin, share, like and comment posts or select predefined comments.


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