Rebranding strategy is complex process of revitalising your brand identity

Rebranding Strategy for Business Success

People love to look good and feel attractive. We invest in ourselves in hope to establish relationships with other people, to be someone they want to spend time with. No one in this whole wide world will tell otherwise. Maybe they will, but deep down inside we are all made of same matter, and we are exposed – we like to be liked.

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Mobile app analytics platform

Analytics platform for mobile apps – Appsee

Mastering means to understand deeply and control something fully. It means that along with the statistic and theory of some matter, you know all of the hidden “whys” behind numbers and words. Think about it, would Samwell Tarly ever cured ser Jorah if he didn’t dig down deep and mastered Greyscale? Well, we will not talk about mastering fantasy diseases here, but about mastering mobile apps – we will.

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A/B testing tests user experience

User Experience Testing – The Heart of A/B Testing

You are satisfied with your website. The traffic is great, the business smooth. But, that demon on your shoulder refuses to leave you alone, constantly reminding you that more optimisation won’t hurt. Is the devil right? Learn with us how to get rid of the testing devil.

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Artificial intelligence in mobile apps

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Mobile App Development?

Artificial intelligence is around us. Even if you don’t notice it, it is present for quite some time now. What once was a futuristic concept from movies, now is a part of our reality. And it is the time to introduce it!

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