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Benefits of Software Testing

In today’s business world, software is everywhere. In the whole process of software development, testing is a phase that is often forgotten. Everybody assumes that once the software is developed, it will work flawlessly. However, it often happens not to be so. Moreover, when it does not, we are all unsatisfied and frustrated.

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The (not so) Secret Relationship Between Software Testers and Developers

In this digital era that we live in, everything is online. We can do anything we want because of those beautiful people who allowed us to “get lazy”. Those people are Software Developers and Testers, who made our user experience much more enjoyable and smoother.

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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in CE 2016

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE report for 2016. is announced. Gauss is the fastest growing tech company in Croatia and holds 19th place in the rank of 50 fastest growing companies in Central Europe.

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Awarded for Excellence in Web Sale

Web shop eKupi.hr is the Web Retailer of the Year 2016. 13 other web shops won awards for excellence in web sale. 3 of our clients are among them!

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Another year of growth in Gauss Development

This year is almost over, and we are all rushing to complete our tasks to start enjoying holidays. In business, the last few remaining days in December are all about numbers. It’s the best time to look back in another year of growth in Gauss Development.

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Meet SalesBook, B2B Tool That Sells For You

Meet SalesBook, a custom solution for Siller AG, a company involved in B2B with top brands; Coca-Cola, Intersport, Deichman, Jacques Lemans, Wortmann, and Vodafone.

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Our Experience With Horizon2020 – SME Instrument

We participated in Horizon2020, carried out by the European Commission with the goal of making good ideas market faster, create jobs and improve the quality of life in the European Union.

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Alternativa-Best Web Retailer 2014 in Croatia

Our client ‘Alternativa za vas’ is the Best Web Retailer 2014 in Croatia in the category Beauty & Health!

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CeBIT 2015 overview

We attended the largest IT fair in the World, CeBit 2015

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Enhance Your Frontend Workflow Using Sass Source Maps

In this post, we will try to explain how to solve one of the main flaws of using stylesheet languages (in our case Sass): native browser support which, at the current state, can read only CSS stylesheet files.

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