We don't cook for you

We cook for your business ;)

Confirm your position on the market with using only the best solutions. Our team can help you improve and achieve better results.

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We use technology and proven methods in cooking your solution

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent of digital media and having a presence on the Internet is a necessity. Let us help you through our methodology, best practices, and web/mobile solutions.

We can offer you knowledge and experience in different technologies, with over 50 experts in web and mobile technologies, design, marketing and management consulting.

If you are looking for a full business solution (that includes planning, making a creative concept, unique visual design, development and testing), you are in the right place.
Our goal is to increase your credibility, secure your integrity and bring your business image to a higher level.

Take a look at our process:

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Kitchen staff

Gauss Development is a company specialized in providing services of software design and development.

We love a good challenge and enjoy the process of inovating. Every dish begins with gathering information about customers preferences and taste. Our team is young, ambitious and eager to learn.

Limiting talent is equal to limiting success!

This is why our company is fast-growing and in the position to handle even the most challenging projects. We focus on employee talents, productivity and determind milestones to get the job done according to agreed time schedule and budget.